How To Make Earrings With Wire?

Have you heard of wire earrings? 

Don’t they look adorable? 


Wire earrings have been between us and till now we didn’t value them as much let alone make them at home. 

But time has changed people, wire earrings are in trend and they are so popular that people have started making their wire earrings at home.

Yes! You heard me right. 

Wire earrings are not only adorable but they are super easy to make, you don’t even need fancy tools to make them. 

But still, without concrete guidance, you can lose your way. 

And to save you from that we have this blog.

A detailed step-by-step guide on how to make wire earrings at home. 

What are wire earrings? 

Wire earrings are a simple yet beautiful concept. To put it simply, wire earrings are earrings made of wire. 

You take a wire and twist it and fold it into a shape that you like. You can add beads and other decorations along the way. 

In the end, you add a post or earrings back and your wire earrings are ready. 

Wire earrings look adorable and can be comfortably worn for hours because they are light in weight. 

Plus they are very customizable and affordable. 

Pros and Cons of Wire Earrings

Wire earrings are adorable and easy to make but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any cons.

Here are some pros and cons of wire earrings that you should know. 

Pros of wire earrings

Let’s first begin with the pros.

  • They are light in weight

As wire earrings are very lightweight they can be worn for hours without any trouble. This makes them one of the best earrings for daily use and long functions as well. 

  • Affordable

Wire earrings are super affordable. You can get normal wire earrings for just a few dollars. 

But this doesn’t mean that wire earrings don’t have an expensive category. 

Wire earrings made of gold and silver wire look very adorable plus they are very classy and expensive as well. 

No matter what your budget is there is a wire earring for you. 

  • Very customizable

One thing that makes wire earrings a favorite of everyone is how easily they can be customized.

You can add anything you want to a wire earring. It all depends upon your imagination and creativity. 

  • Easy to make

If you are planning to make some wire earrings at home then be assured that they are one of the easiest and most adorable things you will make.

Making wired earrings don’t need any fancy tools, all things that you need will be available in your garage. 

Cons of Wire Earrings

Wired earrings may look all pretty and fine, but they also have cons.

Here are some cons of wire earrings that you must know. 

  • Non-hypoallergenic

Wired earrings made of cheap wire are not hypoallergenic.

They can be the reason for infection hence people with sensitive ears should avoid cheap ones. 

If you have sensitive ears you can go for earrings made up of gold or silver wire. 

  • Quality matters

When buying or making wired earrings the quality of the wire matters a lot. 

If you don’t know the metals and their properties then you may have a hard time choosing your base metal. 

Here the best resort is to stick to primary metals like copper, gold, silver, etc. 

These were some pros and cons of wired earrings. 

How to make wire earrings?

Now comes the exciting part.

How to make wire earrings? The process is a simple one and it only needs basic tools and some decoratives of your choice.

But before starting to make wire earrings you need to keep one thing in mind and that is this guide is just for the basic wire earrings, you can make thousands of designs using wire craft, therefore this guide needs to be taken as the basics of wire jewelry making and then you can add your imagination and can make more gorgeous designs.

Things needed to make wire earrings

Here is a list of things that you will need to make wire earrings. Make sure to gather all your supplies in one place so that you don’t have to rush to get one each time. 

  • Head pins (wire with a head on the top so that your decorative don’t fall off) 
  • Decoratives of your choice (here we will be using beads) 
  • Spacers (to put between the decoratives) 
  • Ear wire of your choice (here we are using ear wire for dangling earrings) 
  • Round nose plier 
  • Chain nose plier 
  • Flush cutter. 

The Procedure of Making Wire Earrings

Now, let’s start making these adorable wire earrings. 

  • First, take your headpin and put a spacer in it, then put a bead and top it off with another spacer. 
  • hold the remaining headpin just above the last spacer with your round nose plier and bend it at 90 degrees. Remember that where you will grip the headpin will make a big difference. 
  • If you want a large loop then hold the headpin with the back end of the round nose pilar and if you want a smaller loop then shift the grip towards the tip of the plier. 
  • Now again hold the area you bent with the plier but this time a little (one-eighth of an inch) past the previous bend again give it a 90-degree rotation and then give it one final rotation to complete a full circle and your loop is now complete. 
  • Now grab the remaining wire with the plier and wrap it underneath the loop you just made. 
  • This will seal the loop and give the earring a neat look. 
  • Now take your flush cutter and cut off the extra wire. 
  • Now take your ear wire and put it through the loop you made on the headpin. 
  • And your dangling earring is ready! Repeat these steps one more time to make a pair. 

So this was how to make simple and easy dangle earrings with wire. 

Yes, there are steps involved in it but once you get a hang of it, it will be a walk in the park for you. 

You can follow the guide and be as creative as you want. 

Add more decoratives, use different patterns, take ideas from Pinterest, etc.

There are thousands of things you can and it all depends upon your imagination. 

Parting words

So, this was how you can make wire earrings at home.

It was easy, right? 

Just make sure to be safe because the wire can leave deep cuts on your fingers. Hence, if you are a beginner you can use safety gloves for protection. 

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