how to organize earrings

We, people, love earrings. 

And if you are anything like me then you must be owning a lot of them some good some bad and some we don’t know why we got them. 

But anyways now that you have a decent collection of earrings, trust me it’s not fun when they are not organized. 

You have one in hand but the other one is under the couch and you can’t find it! It’s not only frustrating but can also lead to a lot of chaos. 

Now you must be looking for ideas to organize your earrings. 

In this blog, we will talk about the methods you can use to organize your earrings.  

Some of them are cost-effective while some cost a good about of money, you can choose whichever suits you. 

How to organize earrings?

Organizing your earrings can be a hassle.

Initially, it will take time to arrange your clutter but in the long run, it will save you a lot of time. To start with you need a box or a container to put your earrings in, and then a bigger box to keep your smaller boxes organized. 

Given below are 7 ways by which you can neatly arrange your earrings. 

1. Buy an earring organizer

One of the simplest ways to arrange your earrings is to buy an earring organizer. 

There are plenty of them available online and all of them have a basic function and that is to arrange your earrings in a designated box. 

Earrings organizers are of many types and they can be expensive, however, they are one of the neatest and most aesthetic ways to arrange your earrings. 

Therefore, if your budget allows then getting an earrings organizer should be your first preference. 

2. Buy plastic drawer units

A substitute for buying an earring organizer is buying plastic drawer units or you can get small plastic boxes both of them will do the job. 

If you are going with plastic drawer units then make sure to compartmentalize each drawer with cardboard sheets, as it is not fun to have a drawer with earrings mixed up, it destroys the purpose of organizing them. 

If you are using small boxes then make sure that each box is dedicated to a particular kind of earring. 

For example, one box can be for your studs and the other for your huggie earrings. 

You can further label them according to their contents. 

3. Organize them in an ice tray

Yes, you can organize your earrings in ice trays as well. 

Just think about it, ice trays have tiny sections which can hold your pair of earrings. 

However, you can’t store big earrings in ice trays. But for tiny earrings like your studs and huggie earrings, it will work fine. 

You can arrange your small earrings in an ice tray and organize big ones in boxes and then arrange all of them in drawer units. 

This is how you can mix and match all the storage ideas and get the maximum out of them. 

4. Use egg cartons

Now that you have entered your fridge why not take out those egg cartons? 

Yes, you can organize your earrings in an egg carton as well, however, they won’t last long but, it is a cost-effective method plus you are recycling them. 

You can paint your egg cartons for a better look, and just like other methods, one egg carton is dedicated to one type of earring. 

Again, you can arrange your egg cartoons in your drawer units for better management. 

5. Use ribbon 

One good way to organize your earrings is by embedding them in a ribbon. 

This hack is really cool and it also acts as a decorative. 

Take a piece of ribbon preferably a thick and wide one and embed your earrings in it. Now repeat this with all your earrings and remember to embed earrings with the same pattern in one ribbon. 

Now you can either hang your ribbons inside your closet or you can keep those ribbons in your drawer.  

6. Use a pill organizer

A pill organizer is another good tool that you can use to organize your earrings. 

However, due to its size, a pill organizer will not allow you to keep big earrings inside it, it can be paired with small boxes for more efficiency. 

Label the pill compartment as per your wish and you are all set to organize your earrings. 

7. Button them up

This one is a creative one. 

You can use big buttons to organize your earrings. Yes, the holes in the button will act as a mount for your earrings, plus you can match the color of your earrings with the button. 

However, where to keep the buttoned-up earrings is the main question. Here you can use boxes or drawers to keep them.

Leaving them can create a mess. 

So these were some ways you can organize your earrings. 

DIY earrings organizers

Not everyone can afford a jewelry organizer but this doesn’t mean that you can keep your earrings collection messy. 

We have 2 DIY earrings organizers for you. They are not only useful but look very aesthetic as well. 

They are so good that you may never buy an earring organizer again. 

DIY frame earring holder

To make a frame earring holder follow the steps given below. 

  • Take some mesh (window screening, lace, or anything mesh-like)
  • Now spray paint it with your favorite color. 
  • Now take just the frame (minus the glass) of a picture frame you can take any wooden frame of your choice. 
  • Paint it with a matching color of the mesh. 
  • Now mark the frame on the mesh and cut off the excess mesh. 
  • Glue the mesh with the frame or you can bolt it if you want. 
  • And congrats your frame earring holder is ready 

You can keep it like a photo frame with your earrings embed in the mesh. 

A cost-effective way of organizing your earrings isn’t it? 

DIY earring box

Next, we have our very own earring box. 

  • Take a box, preferably a wooden box but a shoe box will work just fine. 
  • Paint the box according to your liking 
  • Take several strips of felt and roll them thick. 
  • Now glue each roll so that they won’t open. 
  • Pack the tubes tightly in the box, you can glue them if you want. 
  • Now cover the tubes with a cloth for a finished look.

And your earring box is ready.

You can decorate the outer box as per your need and taste. 

Tips to organize your earrings

Here are some tips that you can use while organizing your earrings. 

1. Keep similar together

Always keep the same earrings together.

This way they will be easier to find plus you don’t have to remember the box you kept your earrings in. 

2. Label the boxes

One of the best ways to avoid confusion is to label the boxes. 

It hardly takes a few minutes to label your boxes but it saves you a lot of time in the future. 

You don’t have to find where you kept your stud earrings because it is the box with studs written on it.

Makes sense right? 

3. Keep your storage clean

Keeping your storage clean is the best thing you can do.

If you are making any of the two DIY storages then it will be wise to occasionally brush off the dust and clean them. 

Also if you have ready-made earring organizers you can empty them once a month and deep clean them. 

Parting words 

And that’s it! 

This is all you need to know about how to organize your earrings. 

You sure can be more creative and organize them in many different ways or you can take the help of your best friend Pinterest (wink).