How To Tell If Diamond Earrings Are Real

What comes to your mind when I say luxurious? 

Diamonds right? 

We have to agree on one thing, having diamond jewelry is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

Your favorite earrings probably have diamonds on them and the same is with your rings and neckless. 

Apart from their stunning looks and luxurious feel, diamonds act as a great investment tool as well. In the long run, diamonds can give good returns. 

However, this only happens when the diamond you have is a genuine one. After all, who will pay for a piece of glass that looks like a diamond? 

So is there a way to tell if diamond earrings are real? 

Luckily, there are some ways that you can use to determine whether the diamond you have is real or not. 

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the most efficient ways that you can use to tell whether the diamond you have is a real one or just a useless piece of junk. 

How to tell if diamond earrings are real or not? 

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, which means that your heating, scratching, beating, etc is not enough to scratch them. 

And if you want to check whether your diamond earrings are real or not, you first need to detach your diamonds from the earrings. Or you can buy a genuine diamond tester. 

We will be discussing all methods from the ruthless ones (which cost $0) to more sophisticated ones (in which you need some sort of equipment). 

1. Diamond certification

This is one of the easiest ways to know whether your diamond earrings are real or not. Any legitimate diamond will come from either one of these three places, and they are 

  • The gemological institute of America (GIA) 
  • The American gemological society (ASG) 
  • International Gem Institute (IGI) 

If your diamond earrings have a certification from any of these three then it’s a green light, rest assured that you are holding a genuine diamond. 

This also shows how important it is to get a certified diamond as it shows that the diamond is a genuine one. 

This is beneficial not only during buying your diamond earrings but during selling them as well. 

2. Fog method

Another easy test to determine the Genuity of a diamond is by using the fog test. 

For this, you need to fog the diamond just like you fog a mirror. 

There are two things that you have to note. 

Number one, a real diamond will not fog up easily. 

Number two, even if it does fog up it will disappear in an instant. 

Therefore, if your stone gets fogged up easily and remains for a few seconds then it probably is a fake diamond. 

3. Water method

For this method, you just need a glass of water. 

Diamond is a heavy substance, and here we will be testing whether the stone you have will sink or not. 

Take your diamond and drop it in a glass full of water.  If the diamond sinks to the bottom then congrats you have a real diamond. 

However, if your diamond floats on top or is somewhere in the middle then it indicates that your diamond is nothing but a cheap stone. 

4. Using jeweler’s loupe

You can go a bit further and buy a jeweler’s loupe. It is a type of small magnifying glass that will help you to watch your diamond from a closer angle. 

Once you got your hands on a jeweler’s loupe start examining your diamond.  Look for flaws, imperfections, and inclusions. 

If the diamond is free from any imperfections and inclusions then it is a fake diamond. 

Naturally occurring diamonds have some flaws and lab-grown diamonds, which are real diamonds as well, have flaws as well. 

An absence of flaws will make your diamond a fake one. 

5. Sparkle test

You love it when your diamond sparkle right? 

Who doesn’t? 

There are two sparkle-based tests that you can do to find out whether your diamond earring is real or not. 

Take a newspaper and put your diamond on it.  

Now try to read letters through diamonds, if you can read or even see any black letter figures then your diamond is fake. 

Diamond has a high refractive index which makes it shine brighter and also makes it difficult to see objects through it. 

Another thing you can do is take quartz or any other diamond-like stone and compare their sparkle. 

Diamonds will shine significantly brighter than any other diamond-like stones. 

6. By using a diamond tester

A professional approach to testing your diamond will be to test it using a diamond tester. 

There are plenty of diamond testers available online, they are reliable and very efficient. You just need to touch the tip of the diamond tester on your diamond and it will give you instant results. 

No need to detach your diamond from your earring and you will get results.  

Surely a win-win. 

7. Scratch test

 Diamonds are strong enough to withstand scratches, try hammering your diamond, if it shatters or deforms then it was a fake piece. 

Don’t worry if your diamond is real then nothing will happen, it can withstand much greater force than simple hammering. 

You can also try sanding your diamond, fake ones will form visible marks whereas real ones will be good as new. 

8. Heat test

Apart from scratches, diamonds can withstand high heat as well.

To know whether your diamond is real or not, hold it with a pair of tweezers and heat it over the flame. 

After a few minutes plunge the diamond into cold water. 

If the diamond cracks or chips then it is nothing but a fake crystal, if the diamond is real it will stand and come out as new. 

After taking it out of cold water you can also check it under a microscope. Real diamonds will not develop micro fractures whereas fake ones will develop some. 

Does a real diamond sparkle rainbow? 

One of the most frequently asked questions is, does a real diamond sparkle rainbow? And the answer to this is yes, but not just a rainbow but a white light as well. 

A real diamond will reflect a rainbow and a white light as well, if either one of these two is missing then you can conclude that your stone is some other crystal. 

Parting Words

So this was how to distinguish between a real and a fake diamond. 

However, a better alternative to all these methods will be to get your diamonds professionally checked. 

Preferably by a certified gemologist as he will be able to tell more details about your diamond earrings. 

Plus, it is always better to get it checked by a professional, as he is the one who is a master in this field and his experience and techniques far surpass any online guide. 

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