How To Pierce Your Own Ear

Piercing is something that has been pursued by people for a long time. People love to decorate their bodies and piercing is something which is loved by a lot of people especially women, as they love to dress up and apply makeup. 

The same way they love to get pierced at different parts of their body and ear piercing is the most preferred kind of piercing amongst them. So here we bring you some useful tips which will help you to pierce your own ear at home without hurting.

How to pierce your own ear?

In this blog, we will be sharing some useful and important tips to pierce your cartilage, ear lobe as well as various parts of the ear.

i). If it is your first piercing

As we all know getting pierced is something everybody loves, but because of the risk of some injuries at the sensitive part of your ear and the risk of some damage to it, a lot of people fear getting pierced. 

So, if this is the first time you are getting pierced then you should be very careful with it. There are some steps you can follow to get safely pierced.

Note: If your skin is allergic to imitation jewelry or silver or anything like that make sure your piercing is of a different metal. 

ii). Decide which part of the ear you want to pierce.

As our ear is one of the unique parts of our body, it has various parts which are sensitive so it is very important that you make sure which part you want to pierce.

These are the parts of the ear that you can pierce: the tragus, helix, and lobule, which are the parts of the outer ear. 

In that, daith, inner conch, anti-tragus, transverse lobe, industrial, snug, orbital, outer conch, upper lobe, standard lobe are some of the parts of ear which you can pierce. 

Make sure whichever part you decide to pierce doesn’t have any past injury. Also, make sure that you don’t have any ear sensitivity in the inner ear which may cause a problem if the outer ear is pierced. 

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iii). Use the right equipment

There are various pieces of equipment to pierce your ear, so you should use the equipment which is most comfortable as well as safe for you. 

There are different types of  Ear piercing guns that are majorly used to pierce the ear. In that, you are provided with a piercing gun (which are disposable as well as non-disposable) piercings (as per the price), and changing tool. 

The second piece of equipment is the Needle which is also used for piercing. You can either order it or can buy it manually, it is easily available at different earring stores.

The gun will pierce your ear in a microsecond and the needle may take time as you have to do it manually, so it will depend upon how much time you take to pierce your ear. 

iv). Use the right method

If you don’t want to go to the piercer then we would like to share a few methods by which you can pierce your own ear at home with the least pain.

If you are using the gun, make sure you check the pin and its size. Also, while placing it upon the ear you should be very calm, and then gently pressing the gun may give you the right piercing. 

If you are using the needle then rest your ear on a hardcover, so that when you press the needle it doesn’t hurt your neck at the same time. 

Piercing with a needle may cause some difficulty so point the part you want to pierce with a pen and then place the needle first, then after pressing it to make sure you go in the right direction, not somewhere else.

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v). Note the time 

Remember to note the time, when you are piercing and also take a note of how many days it causes the pain. If the pain goes longer than ten to twelve days, you should visit a doctor or a piercer and get the piercing checked. 

This is one of the most important parts of piercing that you need to consider at the earliest.

vi). Choose the piercing which suits your ear

As everyone has different-sized ears, we should actually consider checking and trying which piercing will suit our ear in the best way.

There are various piercings as well as earrings types that are also removable and reusable but in the initial period, it is recommended not to change the piercing for the first 2 months. 

You can then change your piercing as per your choice once it gets comfortable with your ear. After choosing the best piercing type, you can proceed to buy the earrings

vii). Aftercare

Once you are done with piercing your ear, you can apply boiled Ghee mixed with turmeric, let it cool down a bit, and then apply it behind the piercing. It cools down the pain and you’ll feel relaxed for some time. At the same time, it will prevent your ear from catching any infection while it is in the initial stage after being pierced.

Another thing, which you should keep in mind is not to touch that part of the ear for a few weeks, as we use our hands throughout the day for so many activities we shouldn’t touch our pierced ear with the same hands.

You can also use a deodorant, which will help your skin to get settled and will give you relief from the pain. 


Piercing is an amazing experience as well as a good body modification, you must give yourself the opportunity to pierce your ear at home at least once. You can also get piercing while pregnant and there are various piercing types such as forward helix piercing, triple helix piercing, double helix piercing, industrial piercing, and much more. 

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