Infected Ear Piercing

How fascinating it is to finally get a piercing? Isn’t it? Getting pierced is most often a safe and fun experience. But there are chances that you may catch some kind of infection in the ear which may cause a heavy disturbance in your day-to-day life. An infected ear piercing is definitely not something anybody can neglect. 

So, it is very important that you consider all the pros and cons of an ear piercing and all the minor details regarding piercing infection.

When should one get a piercing?

Well, there’s no particular answer to this question because these days we see kids and pregnant women getting pierced so it is completely a safe experience, and it completely depends on you at what time you want to get a piercing.

A lot of people get pierced for different reasons and at different times. But that is not something which is a concern. The concern is, how safe it is for you to get a piercing.

So here we bring you all the information you need to know in regards to ear piercing as well as infected ear piercing and its treatment.

What is an Infected Piercing?

When you go to a piercer or when you pierce your ear at home there are chances that for some reason you may catch the infection.

If the piercing is pierced with untidy hands, there are high chances that you may catch an infection. After the process is completed if there is swelling or any color of discharge from your ear, it shows your ear is infected.  There may be itching or maybe some kind of burning sensation too, which indicates your piercing is infected.

A new piercing is an open wound so there are chances that it would take a few weeks to heal and to get comfortable with your skin. Till then, you should be very careful with the piercing.

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What does the infected piercing look like?

When your ear gets infected at the part of the piercing, it will turn into a different color and you will be able to feel the sensation that will indicate that your piercing is infected. 

It will look greenish, yellowish, red, or swollen. It may also look like a pimple, it can be thick or even there can be pus. And there are high chances of bacteria getting in there at that time.

What can cause an infection in the piercing?

There are multiple things that can cause an infection in your ear piercing. Hereby listing them down to make piercing a safe experience. 

When you go for a piercing, it’s very important to seek a hygienic place, as fresh wounds get infected quickly and very easily.

Make sure to clean your ear before going for a piercing so that you don’t have to touch it or wash it for the next few weeks.

Whoever is piercing your ear, should wash their hands as dirty hands will cause an infection to your ear, and can also invite different diseases.

If you are allergic to any particular type of metal, make sure the earring and the piercing are of some different metal, different material.

Everything that can cause an infection is mentioned above,  now let’s see how you can treat an infected piercing.

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How To Treat Infected Ear Piercing?

How To Treat Infected Ear Piercing?

Make sure to note the time, because if it continues to pain that you should see a healthcare provider. 

You can apply various household remedies if your piercing gets infected.

Such as Ghee mixed with Turmeric and Deodorants, which will lessen the pain. 

You can also visit a healthcare provider or your piercer to make sure that the infection can be cured with some remedies or medicines.

The type of ear piercing you are going to wear also plays a major role in the piercing getting infected, if you go for the heavy ones which weigh more than your ear is comfortable then it may cause swelling or some kind of infection.

Does only the first piercing get infected?

Well, there are not any particular statistics about that but if your first piercing doesn’t get infected there are fewer chances that your second or third piercing will get infected. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when you go for your next ear piercing.

If your first piercing gets easily done and if the pain lasts for a few days then that shows your skin gets comfortable with it.

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What happens if the piercing gets migrated?

Piercing migration occurs when a body piercing moves from its initial position. The process can go unnoticed or can be painful until it has progressed

The best thing to do when a piercing starts to migrate or gets rejected is to make an appointment with a professional piercer. You must also remove your jewelry immediately as it can increase the chances of scarring. Thus, this is the way of treating piercings when it gets migrated.


Trying to make your ear piercing less painful and more of a fun and memorable experience. All the necessary points have been covered in the article above. Besides, if you come across any doubts, mention them in the comment section below. 

Happy Ear Piercing! 

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