chocolate diamond Earrings

Diamonds are one the most adorable and luxurious things a man can possess and not to mention they are excellent as an investment as well.

Crystal clear diamonds value more than colored diamonds or diamonds with blemishes. 

However, this doesn’t mean that colored diamonds are of no use, they look as precious if not more special than a crystal clear diamond while costing a quarter of the price. 

And one such variety of diamonds is chocolate diamonds. If you haven’t heard of them then don’t worry because you found this detailed blog on the chocolate diamond earrings to be more precise. 

We will be talking in detail about what chocolate diamonds are, how they are formed, whether are they natural or not and many more things. 

Sounds interesting right? 

What is a chocolate diamond? 

As the name suggests, chocolate diamonds are diamonds with a brown-colored tint. 

The Le-vian was the group to coined the term chocolate diamond.

In the year 2000, they also happen to have a trademark for the term ‘chocolate’ when used while referring to diamonds. 

The term chocolate diamond was used just to create an urge inside customers to see and buy the chocolaty shade of the diamond. 

It is to be noted that chocolate diamonds are a shade of diamonds in the category of brown diamonds. This means that chocolate diamond comes under the type of brown diamonds. 

The term “chocolate”  indicates the color and grade of the brown diamonds. 

The reason behind the chocolate color of the chocolate diamond is the trapped nitrogen particles. 

Depending upon the number of nitrogen particles trapped, the diamond gets some shade of yellow. 

However, if sufficient heat and nitrogen particles are present then the color changes from yellow to brown or chocolate. 

Difference between chocolate diamonds and other brown-colored diamonds

The difference between chocolate diamonds and other brown shades of diamonds is pretty straightforward.

Almost all naturally occurring white diamonds have some shade of yellow in them, and if for some reason this shade of yellow becomes more pronounced then it leans more towards a brownish shade. 

However, the chocolaty color of the chocolate diamond is not just a spectrum of shade but a particular shade. 

The benefit of a chocolate diamond earring

Chocolate diamond earrings are affordable. 

And this is one of the best diamond shades you can buy if you are on a budget. The affordability of chocolate diamonds allows you to customize the earrings while still being within the budget. 

They have a price far less than any clear diamond, you can get a relatively large brown diamond earring for a much lesser price than a small white diamond earring. 

Hence, if you have budget constraints and still want to get a beautiful diamond then a chocolate diamond is the one for you. 

Chocolate diamond earring prices

If we look at the present scenario, we notice that chocolate diamonds of any shade are much rare then than white diamonds. 

Plus, if you want a very clear chocolate diamond then it will be much rarer. 

This trend may give you the illusion that chocolate diamonds must be expensive because of their rarity. 

However, chocolate diamonds show a stark contradiction to our assumptions. At max the best and biggest chocolate diamond costs around $8,000 per carat however the cost of a common piece of the white diamond can be anywhere between $2,000 to $60,000. 

This makes them a very good option for people who want diamond earrings but are within budget. 

Types of chocolate diamond earrings

Chocolate diamond earrings are available in all kinds. 

You can get any kind of chocolate diamond earring just makes sure that it suits your taste and that the chocolate diamond is of good quality. 

Some of the best chocolate diamond earrings are:

  • Chocolate diamond stud
  • Chocolate diamond dangling earrings. 

However, you can choose any kind of earrings you want. 

Plus you can even make a customized set of chocolate diamond earrings for yourself. 

And don’t worry about the cost because even if you go for a customized set of chocolate diamond earrings they won’t cost you a huge amount. 

This makes chocolate diamond earrings a very adorable and affordable option. 

Are chocolate diamonds natural or synthetic? 

The chocolate color of a chocolate diamond may seem like something created by artificial means. 

However, this is completely false. Chocolate diamonds just like any other diamond occur naturally on earth. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t create chocolate diamonds in the lab. 

Chocolate diamonds are also created in labs.

White diamonds when treated with heat give out a brown color and this is how chocolate diamonds are made in labs. 

But low quality if clear diamonds are used to artificially make chocolate diamonds. 

Plus the value of lab-created chocolate diamonds is far lower than the naturally found chocolate diamonds. 

Chocolate diamond earrings as an investment

Diamonds are great as an investment. 

If we look into the market trends we can see that diamonds have the potential to give great returns in long term. 

However, this is not true with chocolate diamonds. If you are expecting that your chocolate diamond will increase in value in near future then hear this out.  

Hardly any chocolate diamond gives good returns in the future, if one is to give some returns then it has to be exceptional in color, rarity, and quality. 

Which sadly is not true with chocolate diamonds. Chocolate diamonds created in labs are made by heat-treating low-quality white diamonds, this is because it is cheap for manufacturers. And natural diamonds are not shiny enough to be used as an investment. 

Only in rarer of the rarest cases is a chocolate diamond so formed that it attracts a huge amount of great investors. 

Therefore if you want to use diamonds as an investment tool then it is better to go for a good-quality white diamond. 

Famous chocolate diamonds 

Chocolate diamonds have been in use for centuries. 

They can be seen in the rings worn by emperors and kings. Here are the three most famous chocolate diamonds that ever existed. 

  • The golden jubilee diamond. 
  • The start of the south. 
  • Lesotho III 

These were some chocolate diamonds that were sold for millions of dollars. 

Parting words

And that’s it. 

This was all you need to know about chocolate diamond earrings. 

Yes, they may be bad as an investment, but considering their budget-friendly nature and beauty, it’s definitely a good choice for earrings. They look so adorable plus they will always be in your budget. 

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