Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing is a popular type of cartilage piercing. This piercing actually connects the two ear piercings, which are situated in the helix and anti-helix. This is a type of helix piercing because it connects two piercings.

Before getting this piercing, keep in mind that industrial piercings are anatomy-dependent, which means it can work for someone and not for you and vice versa. So, you need to hire a professional for industrial piercing.

What Is An Industrial Piercing?

An industrial piercing is actually two piercings of the ear cartilage joined by one piece of jewelry. This cartilage piercing is on the rise and is popular all over the world. 

Here, one piercing goes in the forward helix and the other through the rear helix. With so few guidelines, there is an end number of customization for this piercing. You can join forward helix piercing and backward helix piercing to form an industrial piercing. 

Industrial Piercing Side Effects 

Industrial Piercing Side Effects 

Industrial piercing is a unique addition to your cartilage that you can feel right away. However, there are some side effects of this piercing that you must be aware of, and these are described below!

  • Keloids: 

Keloids are raised excesses of scar tissue that occur at the site of your skin injury. The size of this tissue can greatly vary in size from person to person.

  • Infection:

Infections are very common after piercing, especially after the first time piercing. Some of the common infections include redness, swelling, tenderness, etc. However, this can easily be avoided by following the aftercare process properly. 

  • Irritation Bumps:

Irritation bumps are the small bumps around the piercing sites, and this is very common. You just need to avoid constant touch to your piercing and just get a new cartilage earring if the previous jewelry hurts.

Industrial Piercing Pain

Like other piercings, you will feel pain while getting an industrial piercing. As needles pierce your ears and your pain will completely depend upon how much pain you are able you tolerate. 

On the other hand, this piercing may seem to be complicated because two piercings are done at the same time. Many jewelry materials are used for this piercing, such as gold, titanium, surgical steel, and you can choose the most suitable one.

Healing Time Of An Industrial Piercing

As described in our previous articles, the healing time of any piercings depends upon aftercare. And keep in mind, that you cannot change your industrial piercing until it is completely healed. 

The healing time of an industrial piercing can range from five to nine months, and this piercing has some side effects that can even rise for some individuals. Besides, to remove an industrial piercing earring, you need a professional as you cannot afford to take any chance with your newly pierced ears.  

Industrial Piercing Cost

Industrial Piercing Cost

The cost of an industrial piercing will significantly vary on your geographical location, shop, and your professional piercer. The more piercing experience your professional has, the more dollars you have to spend. 

However, the average cost of an industrial piercing is approximately $50. Also, you won’t be charged for a double helix piercing because the industrial piercing is considered a single piercing. So, you must consider this budget before piercing your ears. 

The Final Thoughts 

Industrial piercing is a popular choice in 2023, and you can go for this piercing without a second thought! The above listed are some of the side effects, pain, healing time, and cost of an industrial piercing that you need to consider beforehand.

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