How To Make Leather Earrings?

Vibrant and sophisticated, are the words that can encapsulate the looks of leather earrings. 

We all know how popular leather goods are be it a belt, wallet, or all-time favorite fashion piece, leather jackets. 

In this blog we will be talking in-depth about leather earrings, this blog will also act as a guide for making your leather earrings. 

Yes, you heard read it right, you can leather earrings at home. 

Also, they are one of the easiest things to make, they are great as a gift and look very cool and trendy. 

Leather earrings are an excellent substitute for traditional gold and silver earrings because leather earrings are lighter than gold and silver earrings plus they cost a fraction of the price. 

Are you excited to dive deeper into the world of leather earrings? 


Hop on! 

What are leather earrings? 

Leather earrings don’t need an introduction. 

They had been in the fashion industry for ages, also they are one of the most versatile and vibrant earrings. 

Earrings made out of leather are called leather earrings, the leather can be genuine i.e derived from animals or it can be faux leather as well (artificially made leather). 

Just like any other earrings, leather earrings have a post made out of metal, it’s the choice of base metal that determines the cost of the earrings. 

Why should you wear leather earrings?

A valid question arises, why should you wear leather earrings? 

The lovers of leather earrings can give you thousands of reasons, but let us be unbiased and tell you some reasons why you should consider wearings a leather earring. 

  • Retro look

Leather earrings give a retro touch to your outfit.

Next time when you wear a retro-style outfit make sure to add a pair of leather earrings to elevate the look. 

  • Easily available

You can easily find leather earrings at your nearest accessory store. This makes them accessible to a majority of people. 

So why not give them a try? 

  • Affordable

Yes, leather earrings are affordable. 

Especially the earrings made up of faux leather. 

  • Customizable

Leather earrings feature leather which means that you can customize the shape, size, and even pattern of the leather. 

And if you choose to make leather earrings at home then you will have more control over all these factors.

These were some reasons why you should consider buying leather earrings. 

How to make leather earrings at home?

Making leather earrings at home is very easy, but before starting to make leather earrings you need to have some things clear. 

  • Type of leather you will be using

For example faux leather, real leather, buffalo leather, etc. there are different colors of leather, and you can choose the one that suits your design. 

  • Take a closer look at the leather

One of the worst things you can do is cut the leather just to find out that it has some blemishes.

Therefore, take a closer at the leather and avoid all those blemishes. 

  • Use good tools

Use sharp scissors and good quality earrings hooks and jump earrings. After all, you are making them on your own, it has to be perfect. 

Things needed to make leather earrings

  • Leather. 
  • Earrings hooks 
  • Jump rings.  
  • Marker. 
  • Needle 
  • Pliers 
  • Scissors 

Gather all the things needed and arrange them in your workspace. 

It is important to have everything within your reach to avoid a rush. 

Steps to make leather earrings at home

  • Take a rough sheet and print a layout on it, it will be used to trace the shape on your leather sheet. 
  • Now cut the shape and place it on the leather sheet. 
  • Using a pencil or a marker trace the outline of the shape on your leather sheet. 
  • Now using scissors cut the shape from the leather sheet. 
  • Now you have a shape ready. You can cut the same shape from other color leather sheets as well and mix and match them to suit your style. 
  • Now that your leather cut piece is ready, arrange them however you like. 
  • Now take a point on your leather cut-out and make a hole in it. 
  • Attach jump rings and insert earrings hooks in them. 
  • Seal them using pliers. 
  • And your earrings are ready. 
  • Now make one more to complete a pair. 

This was how you can make leather earrings at home. 

If you have more than one leather cut-out then take a common point and attach them using jump rings. 

What kind of glue do you use for faux leather earrings? 

Using a good rule ensures that your leather pieces stay in place, one of the best glue that you can use to make leather earrings is E600. 

How do you punch a hole in a leather earring? 

There are many ways to punch holes in a leather earring, two most easy ways are by using a paper puncher and using a needle. 

You can use a hot needle if you find it difficult to get a clean hole. Hot needle metals through the leather give a neat and clean hole. 

Other ways include using a power drill and using an awl with a mallet. 

Can you use a drill to make holes in leather? 

Using a drill is the most effortless way of making a crisp hole in the leather. 

Using a 3/16” bit is the best way to drill a hole in leather earrings. 

Parting words

This was all you need to know about making leather earrings at home. They are easy-to-make earrings plus they look super cool. 

You can get thousands of template ideas from Pinterest, make sure to master and stick to basics and you will be able to execute even the complicated designs. 

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