How To Clean Diamond Earrings At Home?

The sparkling diamond jewelry is like a treasure you cherish for life. And why not, as diamonds are precious – and should be preserved in the same way. However, the sparkle and shine of diamond jewelry may diminish with time. 

You can see the difference between your newly purchased diamond stone and the one you wear regularly. The sheen would be less and that spark missing. That’s why it is important to clean your diamond necklace and diamond earrings from time to time. Whether white gold earrings or gold diamond earrings, you can clean them at home to maintain the shine. 

How often should you clean your diamond earrings? 

This can be a tricky question. If you do it too often, then you’ll lose the shine – and if you don’t, the spark will be missing. It is best to clean your earrings at least once a week – if you wear them regularly. 

By cleaning the earrings- you will be able to clean away the dirt and oil buildup that affects the shine. You can clean the diamond earrings you don’t wear at least once in three months. 

Remove it from your jewelry box and use home cleaning ways to maintain that spark. Most people go to professional cleaners for cleaning purposes, but you can do it at home. 

Ways to Clean Diamond Earrings at Home

1. Use dish soap 

Your dish soap can wonderfully clean your diamond body jewelry – and that too affordably. You can make your dish soap solution to clean your diamond jewelry to remove dirt and oil. 

  • Mix a cup of mild dish wash with a cup of lukewarm water. Stir the water till you see the bubbles. However, you need to make sure that the soap you are using is organic. 
  • If you use a solution that has dye or perfume in it, it will harm the earrings – and you would not want that right. Now, once the soap solution is ready, soak in your diamond earrings for four to five minutes. You can do this till the dirt loosens up – and you can see it in the solution. 
  • Now take a soft-bristled toothbrush and wet it in the solution. Softly brush the earrings and remove all the dirt you can see. Again, let the earrings soak for another minute or so. 
  • It’s time to remove the earrings and place them on a soft paper towel. Now, put the earrings in clean water and let them remain for some time. Don’t rinse the earrings underwater, or you will drain them off. Lastly, remove the earrings and pat dry with a soft napkin. 

2. Use ammonia 

Ammonia smells bad – but do you know that you can use the solution to clean your diamond earrings. Though it might sound harsh to you, it is still the best way to clean diamonds and maintain the shine. 

  • Mix a part of ammonia with six cups or parts of hot water. But don’t use hot water if there are some other gems in the earrings or other jewelry you are washing. Other gems could be damaged due to the solution. 
  • Now, put your diamond earrings in the solution, and let them stay there for twenty minutes. You can also use gloves with the solution. Rubber gloves are an ideal choice for this. 
  • After this, you can remove the earrings from the solution and put the earrings into a bowl of clean and warm water. Now add a teaspoon of dishwater soap to the bowl and stir it. 
  • Let it remain for some time – and then scrub the earrings with a soft toothbrush. It is the best way to clean your diamond earrings or gold stud earrings that have diamonds in them. 

3. Use a Windex solution 

There is no dearth of solutions available in the market to clean your diamond jewelry. So, one such effective solution you can use is Windex. Besides, most people use the solution for cleaning household things. It can also be used to clean other stuff in your house. 

  • Take a toothbrush and spray the solution on it. Now, brush your diamond earrings softly with the solution. Be careful while doing this and use gentle strokes. 
  • If you use hard strokes – you can end up damaging your diamond jewelry. Now, put your earrings in a clean bowl of water – and let them soak for one minute, simply wipe them dry with a help of a clean cotton cloth. You will notice the shine is back in your diamond earrings. 

4. Use a club soda 

Do you know you can use club soda for cleaning diamond earrings? They will not only look brighter – but also shine like new. 

  • You can fill up a bowl or glass full of club soda – and put your diamond earrings in it. Now, let it sit overnight in the glass. You can also put your gold stud earrings, white gold earrings, or gemstone earrings along with it. 
  • In the morning, you can remove it from the solution and rinse it under warm water. If you notice any dust, you can use tweezers or a brush to remove the dirt. 
  • You should do this gently if your earrings are delicate, if you rub them hard, then it may damage your earrings. Now, clean it with a cloth – and you can keep it or wear it. 

Final tips for cleaning diamond earrings at home

  • Before you start cleaning your diamond earrings – ensure there are no loose ends or areas. The diamond fit must be secure before cleaning, or else you might end up losing your precious diamonds in the cleaning process.
  • Always use a clean microfiber or cotton cloth for cleaning the earrings. It will provide you with the best result.
  • Make sure that the soap solution is rinsed off, or else it may dull the spark of the diamond earrings.
  • Don’t use a shallow bowl for cleaning purposes, and the bowl should be with a good depth for it to soak properly. 

Wrapping Up

Make your diamond earrings sparkle by using the above simple cleaning tips. You have your solution at home – so why don’t you do it regularly. It will save your time and money and will keep the shine intact. 

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