Double Helix Piercing

A double helix piercing is one of the best eye-catchy piercings out of all! We have done some research about this piercing type that will be useful to you if you are thinking about adding a double helix to your looks.

Besides, this piercing looks amazing when you add it to other piercings. In a more simple term, it is actually a reference to the number of piercings you have already done and categorized as a part of cartilage piercing

What Is A Double Helix Piercing?

A double helix piercing points to two continuous holes piercing vertically in the cartilage areas of your ear. These two completely separate piercings are known as double helix piercing. 

On the other hand, this piercing is also known as a classic type of helix piercing. It is positioned at the top, posterior section of your cartilage. Before getting this piercing, you must get a single helix piercing and then consider this!

Different Types Of Double Helix Piercing

There are actually two types of double helix piercing, and these are forward double helix piercing and backward double helix piercing. You can choose either the same or two different types of earrings for these piercings.

However, you can also get the triple helix piercings after having two consecutive helix piercings vertically close to each other. Now, let’s discuss the different types of helix piercings.

  • Forward Double Helix Piercing

Forward Double Helix Piercing

A forward double helix piercing is placed on the upper cartilage of the ear, facing forward. This piercing is just the opposite of the backward double helix piercing, and it is located on the top of the tragus. 

  • Backward Double Helix Piercing

Backward Double Helix Piercing

Another type of double helix piercing is backward double helix piercing. This piercing is sometimes known as standard helix piercing, and it is just the opposite of the forward helix piercing. This piercing is located on the upper lobe of your ear.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Double Helix Piercing

Yes, there are various things that you need to consider before getting double helix piercings. At first, you need to try a single helix piercing and let it heal for some time. 

After this, if you feel that you are ready to get the next piercing just below or above the previous one, then make a decision to do so. Let’s learn the top factors to consider before piercing a double helix.

i). Think About Placement  

Thinking about the correct placement of the piercing is very important. After getting your own ears pierced, you cannot change your mind as the piercing is not a joke at all! You can consult a good professional about this.

ii). Piercer With Good Experience 

If you have already made a plan for double helix piercings, then find a professional with years of experience or visit a studio in the USA that has a large fan base. Besides, you can tell your piercer to pick the best helix earrings for you.

iii). How Long Double Helix Piercing Is Going To Heal?

You need to have patience after getting double helix piercings to heal it completely. However, the healing part depends upon the aftercare. You need to take care of your piercing properly and follow the same steps that your piercer has advised you to do so. 

iv). Needles, Not A Piercing Gun

This is one of the most important things that you need to consider. Make sure whether the piercer is utilizing needles or a piercing gun to pierce your ears. It is because needles are going to be much safer, faster, and cleaner than a piercing gun.

v). Pain Of Double Helix Piercings

Will double helix piercings hurt? The answer to this question will vary from person to person. Obviously, the pain tolerance of every individual is not the same. However, those individuals who are getting pierced for the first time can face more sufferings than those who already had pierced in the past and aware of the pain.

vi). Healing Time

The healing time also depends upon the individual. If you take care of your piercing properly and taking all the necessary precautions to avoid piercing infections, you may heal within 4 to 5 months.

Double Helix Piercing Jewelry

Double Helix Piercing Jewelry

Double helix piercings are popular for good reasons. There are many types of jewelry that you can choose for a double helix piercing. Usually, you have two choices, i.e., a hoop and a stud. 

Once the healing time is over, you can consider the best cartilage earrings of all types that will fit your double-pierced ears. To save time and ease your efforts, we have listed the top double piercing earrings for you. Have a look!


The demand for double helix piercings will continue to increase in the upcoming future. These piercings give a trendy look to your ears, and individuals of any age group can choose this double helix piercing. This helix piercing on two opposite sides when joint together with a single earring is known as industrial piercing. Hence, this is all about a double helix, and its types that you should know before getting it for your ears.