Which Ear is the Gay Ear in the US?

The right ear of a human body is usually termed a gay ear in the US because this right ear is most preferably used by homosexuals in ear piercing that signifies a man as gay. If a heterosexual is performing a right side ear piercing then he may be considered as getting his gay ear pierced. The straight guy performs left-side ear piercing so to show that they are not gay.

Ear piercing is the most common action performed in old age. The reason behind this can vary on one’s individual outlook such as their spiritual reason, religious beliefs, concern for looks and expressions, fear of facing any mishap, etc. 

What ear is the gay ear in the US?

The ear most often the homosexual get pierced is known as the gay ear, and that ear is none other than the right ear. The people who wear their earrings on the right side of the ear are considered in as gay community. This variation varies from country to country and also from culture to culture. 

Piercing in a body part can be looked upon as having a sexual meaning and that can be taken in a way to justify one’s gender. 

Historical reason behind gay ear piercing

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Knowing and realizing that you are gay and then confronting it upon everyone isn’t was a cup of tea for every gay since the ages begin. 

At an early age, people belonging to this gay community would need some secrecy to open up about their characteristics because of the shame that they might feel due to people’s outlook towards them and also the fear of losing the job.

In the US, night bars and the local parks were the perfect time when the gays feel free to open up their secrecy at the darkest hours. But with the advent of time, this uncomfortable awkward behavior went to decline. 

Gay ear pierced became a mode of gay recognition among the masses. This thus became a code that used the phrase “right is wrong and left is right”. Lots of people became aware of this and now would accept this in a genuine manner too.

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Which earring is the gay earring?

The earrings which are worn on the right side of the ear are known as the gay earring. It is a way to symbolize that the person belongs to a gay community. This step was never forced, added to it, it was happily gripped and looked upon. 

The person who wears the earring on the right ear will be normalized as Gay and the earring worn will be considered as a gay earring

The right ear pierced is gay and the person who does this same process is called as Gay piercing. The right of the ear is always known as the gay ear-piercing side. 

Is the gay ear-piercing side universal?

No, the piercing side differs from one country to another. The gay community from one country has their own chosen side as their symbolic code for their gender identity. 

As the news flies fast over the internet but the origin of this piercing side is still not known. 

Earlier ear piercing would have been done by women only and that too for fashionable purposes mainly but later with the advancement in the modern world, this was seen practicing both by men and women togetherly. Even some guys wear earrings in both ears and still look cool. 

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With the advancement in the modern world the main reason behind gay ear-piercing witnesses the changes. The reason for gay ear piercing is now not only bound to the area of signal code but also added to fashionable purposes. You must also know the proper earring buying guide and know the process in detail. 

Different varieties of earrings are being used by gays in symbolizing their gay identities. Gay ear piercing is now modernized with modern material-made earrings. The gay ear piercing is universally accepted and thus followed.

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