tragus earrings

Gettings your ears pierced is one the best things you can do to upgrade your looks. Piercing is not only cool but is also one such trend that will not go anywhere. 

Your great-grandmother wore them and now celebrities are wearing them, hence rest assured that your piercing will never run out of fashion.

There are hundreds of varieties of piercing some basic like simple ear lobe piercing and some trendy like tragus piercing. 

If you haven’t heard of tragus piercing then you are missing out on something cool and aesthetic. 

Tragus piercing is not only one of the most stunning-looking piercings but it is something that will make you look different and unique. It is also one such piercing that is attracting massive popularity from not just fashion influencers but from celebrities as well. 

If you are willing to get a tragus piercing then this blog is for you. 

This is a detailed guide that will clear all the questions in your mind related to tragus piercing. 

What are tragus earrings? 

Tragus earrings are in trend these days. 

A tragus earring is worn on the cartilage present on the outer ear, which partially covers your ear canal.

Yes, I am talking about that little bump of cartilage that is present behind your sideburn. This part of the ear is called the tragus. 

A piercing done on the tragus of the ear is called tragus piercing. 

This type of piercing is not at all common, because tragus piercing is generally preferred by people who want something different. 

However, many celebrities are getting their tragus pierced and because of this tragus piercing is attracting a huge popularity wave. 

There is also a concept of surface tragus piercing in which the piercing is done not through the tragus but just through the skin over the tragus. 

This type of piercing has a higher chance of failing as your skin might reject the earrings and will push them out thinking it as a foreign object. 

Pros of tragus piercing

Willing to get a tragus piercing? 

If yes, then you should take a look into the pros and cons of getting a tragus piercing. 

Let us first look into the pros of getting a  tragus piercing. 

  • Trendy and stylish

I know you all saw this one coming. 

But this is the number one pro of getting a tragus piercing. It’s stylish and trendy what else do you want? 

  • Comfortable

Tragus piercing is very comfortable to wear. It’s light in weight and you will hardly feel like you are wearing anything. 

  • Available in a lot of designs 

Don’t worry, when it comes to tragus piercing you will never run out of design options. There are hundreds of designs available. 

  • Unique

Want something unique and aesthetic in your piercing? 

Then tragus piercing is for you.

Cons of tragus piercing

Tragus piercing has its cons. Here are some of the major ones. 

  • Painful

Don’t expect your tragus piercing to be painless. It’s a thick block of cartilage and it will be a little more painful than your earlobe piercing. 

  • Requires care

Yes, tragus piercing heals slowly and it requires really good care.

If you can care well then the healing time will pass like a breeze. 

These were some pros and cons of tragus piercing. 

Is tragus piercing painful? 

Yes, tragus piercing is painful but not extremely painful. To give you a reference let’s say on a scale of 1 to 10 it’s a 7. 

This is because the tragus is a thick block of cartilage and piercing it is going to be painful. The pain will be similar to that of any other cartilage piercing like helix piercing. 

However, different people have their different weak and strong spots. Therefore, tragus piercing might be very painful for some and it might be not as painful for others. 

It depends from person to person and their pain tolerance. 

Healing time and aftercare of tragus piercing 

Most people have this question “how long will my tragus piercing take to heal?” 

This again depends from person to person. 

However, it usually takes between 3 to 6 months to heal. 

Yes, this is a long time and it is similar to any other type of cartilage piercing. 

Aftercare of tragus piercing

Good aftercare is very important for a tragus piercing to heal efficiently. 

The tragus is one such part that is extremely prone to infection because intentionally or unintentionally we touch this part a lot while talking on a cell phone while wearing earphones while sleeping etc.

Here are some recommendations for effective aftercare of tragus piercing. 

  • For the first two months clean your tragus piercing with saline solution twice a day then switch to once a day till it is completely healed.
  • Avoid contact with dirty hands, pillow covers, dirty bed sheets, sweaty earphones, etc. 
  • Don’t move the earrings unless you are cleaning them.
  • Don’t take off the earrings until they are completely healed and try to keep the movement as little as possible. 
  • Don’t apply pressure on earrings which also means that you should avoid sleeping on the sides or you can use an extra soft pillow. 

So these were some important things that you must keep in mind after getting a tragus piercing.

Effective aftercare will ensure that you don’t develop an infection and that your piercing heals effectively.

The tragus is a sensitive part that can develop infection quickly therefore, use the correct methods and take good care of it. 

What type of earring is best for tragus piercing? 

Stud is the best earring for tragus piercing.

A stud is small and simple plus it looks great, also a straight piercing heals faster than a curved piercing.

Therefore, a stud is a superior choice.

You can also go for a barbell earring or tiny hoop earring if you find them adorable. 

What size of tragus stud should I get? 

It is recommended to wear 16 gauge jewelry as it is ideal for your tragus. 

Many people recommend wearing standard 20-gauge jewelry on the tragus however, we don’t recommend it at all. 

How long should tragus earrings be? 

It depends from person to person, however, in general, 5 to 6 mm is recommended for a snug fit and 7 to 8mm is recommended for a looser fit. 

Parting words

And that’s it.

This was all you need to know about tragus piercing.

Surely, a different style of piercing but a stylish one. If your ear or tragus is suitable for this piercing then you should go for it. 

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