how to make acrylic earrings

Want to widen your creativity? And earn some money as well? 

Try making acrylic earrings at home. 

Yes! It is possible to make acrylic earrings, you just need some equipment.

Making these types of earrings is easy and once you get the hang of it you can sell your custom-made acrylic earrings. 

This not just enhances your creativity but also is a great side hustle. 

Acrylic earrings are very customizable and people love them a lot. They are durable, vibrant, and perfect as a gift. 

So why not make them at home?

In this blog, we will talk in detail about how to make acrylic earrings at home. 

What are Acrylic Earrings?

Acrylic earrings are affordable, adorable, and durable pieces of jewelry.

They are made up of high-quality acrylic material often called ‘hard plastic’ 

Acrylic earrings are light in weight, durable and the color doesn’t fade away easily. Many people also find acrylic earrings to be more comfortable than metal earrings. 

Acrylic earrings are very customizable and due to this people often request custom-made acrylic earrings for them.

Making acrylic earrings at home is easy and is in huge demand and because of that many people use it as a side hustle.

Pros of Acrylic Earrings

Acrylic earrings are in huge demand. 

However, they have their pros and cons.

Here are some pros and cons of acrylic earrings.

Let us first being with the pros.

  • Affordable

Acrylic earrings are affordable, and a lot of people can buy them plus the looks of the earrings are so adorable that people don’t hesitate to spend money on them.

For just a few dollars you can get a plethora of acrylic earrings. 

  • Easily available

There is an abundance of acrylic earrings in the market.

They are readily available both online as well as in offline stores. 

  • Lightweight

Jewelry made of acrylic is very light in weight. 

This makes them very comfortable to wear for long hours. 

Cons of Acrylic Earrings

Now, let us move on to the cons of acrylic earrings. 

  • Not easy to clean

Acrylic jewelry is durable but they are not at all easy to clean. They can even lose shine and color when introduced to jewelry cleaning agents.

  • Can give you allergies

Yes, acrylic earrings are made of acrylic which is in no sense a hypoallergenic thing. People with sensitive ears should stay away from non-hypoallergenic earrings. 

How to make acrylic earrings? 

Making acrylic earrings at home is easier than you think.

However, you need a circuit maker or a laser cutting machine for this. If you have them, making acrylic earrings will be a walk in the park.

Things Needed To Make Acrylic Earrings

Here is the list of things that you need to make acrylic earrings. 

  • Circuit maker.
  • Acrylic sheets of choice (up to 2.4 mm thick). You can buy colored or clear ones.
  • Alcohol link, in case you have clear ones you can color the sheets using alcohol ink. 
  • Heat gun to shrink the acrylic.
  • Jewelry punch to make holes.
  • Jump rings and earrings hooks.

Steps To Make Acrylic Earrings

Follow the steps given below to make your customized acrylic earrings. 

  • Make your design in adobe illustrator. 
  • Upload your design in Cricut maker.
  • Tape your acrylic sheet to the cutting mat so that it doesn’t move.
  • Now load the acrylic sheet and cut the sheet using 14 passes under the knife blade.
  • When the earrings are cut gently take them out and use a pen knife if they are still stuck in the sheet.
  • If you are using a clear sheet then now is the best time to color them using alcohol ink.
  • Now shrink the earrings according to the manufacturer’s direction.
  • Now add your jump rings and earrings hooks and your earrings are done! 
  • Based on your design you can also layer 2 or 3 cut-outs and paste them using super glue.

And this was how you can make acrylic earrings at home.

Easy right? 

How To Make Acrylic Earrings Without Laser? 

But what if you don’t have a circuit or laser cutter?

Well not everyone has the space and money to have a huge laser cutter in their room. So does it mean that you can’t make acrylic earrings?


You can outsource your cutting part. There are many businesses out there where you just have to send your design and choose the acrylic sheet and they will cut it for you.

Try finding them online, there are a plethora of them out there.

What machine do you need to make acrylic earrings?

To make acrylic earrings you either need a circuit maker or a laser cutting machine. Both of them are really good investments and are best for people who are willing to start their acrylic jewelry business. 

Both of these machines do take up some space, so make sure that you check everything about them before buying one. 

Can a Circuit Cut Acrylic? 

Yes, your circuit maker can cut through the acrylic sheets however, the sheet should be less than 2.4 mm thick. 

Parting Words

So, this was how you can make acrylic earrings at home.

Yes, they do need some investment and upskilling and you have to be good with adobe illustrator, especially the pen tool. 

But it is all worth it! 

The happiness to hold something adorable made by you is nothing but pure joy. 

And handmade acrylic earrings offer similar joy.

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