How To Make Clay Earrings?

As a kid, I used to love playing with clay.

Molding it to different funny shapes sure was fun, but as I grew older, I found out that you can even make earrings out of clay!

Yes, you heard it right earrings out of clay, it is very easy and hardly takes any time plus its a fun activity.

So how to make clay earrings? 

If you too are unaware of how to make clay earrings then you have come to the right place, in this blog, I will tell you how you can make earrings out of polymer clay. 

What is polymer clay?

If you don’t know what polymer clay is then read along.

Polymer clay is a type of molding clay that is made from vinyl. The clay is perfect for craft projects because it does not dry out, hence you can store it easily and remains soft until baked in your home oven. 

The best part of polymer clay is that it comes in a variety of colors and you can blend them to make beautiful patterns and colors. 

After you have baked the clay it is very easy to sand, polish, and paint it. 

The versatility of the polymer clay is unmatchable. You can mold it into a variety of things like miniatures, jewelry, earrings, etc. 

Why make polymer clay earrings?

Here is a valid question.

Why make polymer clay earrings? 

Why can’t you buy them ready-made straight from the market?

Well, polymer clay earrings can become your next favorite craft.

Clay earrings can be made in no time and the earrings look beautiful, plus they are handmade, isn’t that a perfect gift for someone?

With just a little bit of practice and trials and errors, you can master this craft in no time. You can make them with your kids and it would be a quality family time. 

How to make clay earrings? 

Making clay earrings is very easy you just need some supplies and you are ready to go, below is the list of supplies you need to make a clay earring. 

Supplies for polymer clay earrings.

Here is a list of supplies you would be needing for crafting that beautiful clay earring of yours. 

Supplies needed to make clay earrings 

  • Polymer clay.
  • Clay roller. 
  • Shape cutters for clay or knife.
  • Jewelry pliers. 
  • Posts and backs for earrings.
  • Superglue.
  • Parchment paper.
  • Baking sheet.
  • Jewelry jump rings with open connectors. 

Now that you have all the supplies in place now let’s start making clay earrings.

Steps to make clay earrings

Step 1: Condition the clay

Conditioning the clay means making it soft for the process, it is generally done by kneading the clay so that it can be softer, flexible, and easier to shape. 

You can condition the clay either by kneading with your hands or you can be a bit crafty and pass the clay through a pasta machine a dozen times. 

You know the clay is well conditioned when it can bend and coil without cracking. 

Step 2: Prepping the workspace

Generally, polymer clay is safe to use. 

However, it has the ability to damage or stain some surfaces.

So it is best to first lay a layer of parchment paper or wax paper over the table or table cloth.

With this, you can prevent the surface of the table from scratching or getting dirty. 

Also, make sure that you wipe all your supplies to prevent any dust from entering the clay. 

Step 3: Assemble your supplies

It is very important to have all your supplies in one place.

So that you will not be running around your house when you need them.

Organize them neatly at your table. 

Remember, a perfect workplace produces perfect products. 

Step 4: Shaping and cutting

Now that you have everything in place, it is time to get into business.

Let me teach you how to cut and shape the clay. 

First, you need to have a design in your mind, I have given some design ideas below. 

You can use your cutting tools like a cookie-cutter, craft knife, etc for cutting the shape from the clay. 

Remember if you get some jagged edges due to cutting, smooth them before baking or you can sand the edges off after baking. 

Now you can poke the holes to attach your metal components like studs or some other add-ons.

Remember to do the poking before baking else you would struggle to get a neat hole after baking. 

 Make the hole large enough for the post and remember to make the hole closer to the edge of the earring. 

Step 5: Baking the clay

You do not need a full-blown clay baking oven for baking your earrings.

You can do that in your home oven. 

But remember not to bake your earrings in a microwave.

Also here is a pro tip.

Double-check your earrings before baking, because it is easier to deal with those mistakes when the clay is still wet.

Step 6: Preheat the oven

It is important to preheat your oven before baking your clay earrings 

At what temperature should I bake my clay earrings?

You can check at the back of your clay package for the temperate needed to bake the earrings.

Generally, 275 degrees is considered the right temperature for baking your clay earrings. 

For how long should I bake my clay earrings?

Before pacing your earrings inside the oven, cover your earrings with a tent of aluminum foil to prevent decoloration. 

As for the time duration.

For every ¼” of thickness, you have to bake it for 30 minutes, and your earrings will turn out fine.

Don’t forget to set a timer for more precise control over baking. 

Step 7: Sanding and smoothing the earrings

Edges of the earrings usually end up being sharp or a bit uneven after baking.

To smoothen them you can use sandpaper of fine grit.

If you have a lot of earrings to smoothen then you can go for a Dremel tool, it will speed up the process. 

Step 8: Add posts and other accessories

Now that your earrings are baked and ready for final touches here is how to attach those metal components to your earrings

Given below are two methods of attaching the metal components of the earrings. 

  • Method 1: use glue

Keep your glue ready because you will need it the most.

You some glue to attach the post of the earrings to the earrings, and let them dry.

To attach accessories.

Use the same method, be creative with the accessories, and attach them using glue.

  • Method 2: use clay to attach the post.

This one is the most effective method and is also known as a mechanical attachment. 

For this method, you need to attach the post of the earrings to the earrings before baking.

Keep the post of the earring on the earring and attach it to the earrings by using a thin layer of polymer clay and then bake it.

It will create a strong joint that will last longer. 

Step 9: final product! 

Now you have done everything that you had in your mind and your earring are ready to be worn!


See how simple it was, just a little bit of effort and you can turn a simple craft into something amazing.

Now here are some design ideas for the body of the earrings. 

Clay Earrings Design Ideas

Design 1: the rainbow arc

A simple yet adorable design. 

To make this design roll three coils of polymer clay, you can make three coils of the same color or of different colors, I leave that to your’s creativity. 

Now, gently give them an arc shape and then attach them together. 

And your rainbow arc pattern earrings are ready to bake. 

Design 2: floral pattern flats

You first need to create a flat slab of polymer clay, now how and what you make within the clay depends on you. 

You can go with solid colors, abstract design, floral patterns, etc. 

The thickness of the slab should be around one-eighth of an inch thick. 

Now cut different patterns out of that clay slab. 

You can use cookie cutters or craft knives, whichever is handy for you. 

Remember to smoothen the edges before baking. 

Design 3: Textured earrings

A simple monochrome design that looks great. 

Cut different colors of earring pieces out of the slab and gently press them on the surface of base clay. 

Remember not to press too hard or you can get weak spots. 

Now gently flatten them and cut out the shapes you want out of the block. 

So these were some designs you can make using polymer clay.

The possibilities are endless and you even can create one from your imagination.

A quick Pinterest or google image search helps you with creating your own design by mixing one or more designs. 

So, be pleased to do your own research and come up with new designs.

Parting Words 

So this was how you can make clay earrings.

It sure is a fun activity and will keep the artist inside you young and alive. 


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