11 Best Pandora Earrings You Must Have

pandora earrings

Pandora earrings are famous worldwide because they are handmade jewelry that is made from genuine materials. At the same time, you will find this jewelry in both gold and silver.  These luxury jewelry are sold at a premium, and people living in the high-standard society are already a huge fan of these earrings. The design … Read more

What Are Threader Earrings And How To Wear Them? A Detailed Guide

What Are Threader Earrings

What are threader earrings? How to wear threader earrings? How to make threader earrings? How do threader earrings work?  In this article, we are going to discuss the above queries in detail. At present, threader earrings are one of the most comfortable and stylish earrings. However, the best part about these earrings is that it … Read more

Industrial Piercing – Side Effects, Pain, Healing Time & Cost

Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing is a popular type of cartilage piercing. This piercing actually connects the two ear piercings, which are situated in the helix and anti-helix. This is a type of helix piercing because it connects two piercings. Before getting this piercing, keep in mind that industrial piercings are anatomy-dependent, which means it can work for … Read more