20 Best Gold Earrings For Women

Gold Earrings For Women

This is a fact that women like to wear accessories. One of the most important and desirable accessories for a woman is earrings. The best earrings are those which look attractive for both off-duty and formal looks. So, if you are searching for some attractive and the Best Gold Earrings For Women, you are in … Read more

How To Become A Professional Piercer?

How To Become A Professional Piercer?

Piercing is a growing industry now. As more young people are loving and going for piercing jobs, the industry is booming. There are actually a lot of opportunities for a professional piercer in the fashion industry.  Do you want to become a professional piercer? Are you looking for a total guide on becoming a body … Read more

Infected Ear Piercing – Causes & Treatments

Infected Ear Piercing

How fascinating it is to finally get a piercing? Isn’t it? Getting pierced is most often a safe and fun experience. But there are chances that you may catch some kind of infection in the ear which may cause a heavy disturbance in your day-to-day life. An infected ear piercing is definitely not something anybody … Read more

Can You Get Piercings While Pregnant?

Can you get piercings while pregnant?

Can you get piercings while pregnant? What are the precautions a woman needs to take while pregnant? Can you get your tongue pierced while pregnant? Let’s discuss these queries in detail. Piercing is a way of making a hole in your body part where a piece of jewelry or any object can be attached to … Read more

Why Are Stud Earrings Popular?

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are a new classic type of earrings that matches any outfit in your wardrobe. Moreover, the best part about these earrings is that they’re appropriate for all age groups.  You can wear stud earrings when you are piercing your ears for the first time. Then, after the healing period is over, you can … Read more