How to Remove Baby Earrings

Believe it or not, baby earrings must be removed with a lot of care. Do you ask why? There are so many reasons for using care while removing your baby girl’s earrings. Some of them are;

  • The skin on their ear is soft
  • They are more prone to infections
  • Children have a low immunity level
  • They are considerably more allergic by nature

If you do not use care and the child’s ear gets wounded, they might have to suffer from severe infections. Infection is more common in children due to the above-mentioned reasons.

There are different types of baby earring latches and in this article, we will show how to remove earrings in children.

If we are about to tell you the different ways in which you can remove your baby’s earrings, we will also tell you about the frequently used safety backs of earrings for babies.

1. Safety back earrings

They are one of the most widely used earring backs in babies and are used for valuable jewelry pieces. Usually, baby diamond earrings and even 14k gold baby earrings more often use safety backs to latch the earring in place. These earring backs have a rounder back and hold a clutch that locks into each other.

They are known as a safety back due to their impressive ability to firmly hold the earrings in place. These safety backs do not lead to any real harm in children. However, when you try opening them, you must use caution.

How to remove the safety back earrings?

Use these guiding steps to detach the baby’s earrings from the safety back.

  • Firmly hold the safety back’s post in place with the help of your left thumb and index fingers.
  • Slowly pull out the safety back by rotating it clockwise and anti-clockwise while pulling them out.

Alternately you could also remove them the way mentioned below;

  • You can hold the frontal portion of the earring with your left middle and index finger.
  • Hold the post with your left thumb and ring finger.
  • Using your right-hand thumb and index finger, slowly rotate the safety back while pulling it out.
  • Do not tug the child’s ear while pulling out the safety back as it can be painful for them.

2. Screw back earrings:

Screw back earrings have been in use since ancient times. They are one of the best earring fasteners for your baby’s jewelry. They come with a covered post and a threaded post for the screw back to hold the screw back in place in the right way. 

Many people worry if the threaded post can be a source of concern for their child’s tender ear. But, the entire post is primarily plain and only the outer edge of the post holds the screw. They never come in contact with the child’s skin and thus cannot harm them.

Do you know how to unlatch the screw backs of baby earrings? Keep reading to know how you can do it. Before you begin unlatching screw-back earrings, know well, it might consume a good amount of your time. Having that in mind start the process and approach each of the below-mentioned steps gently, slowly, and carefully.

How to remove the screw back earrings?

Usually, a baby’s diamond earrings or baby pearl earrings need more secure latches as they are always more precious than other earring types.

  • Hold the proximal part of the post with your index finger and thumb.
  • Slowly rotate the screw back in an anti-clockwise direction. When you rotate the earring in a clockwise direction, the screw back will move forward. The latch tightens where the threaded post meets the non-threaded portion of the post as it can travel no further.
  • When you move it anti-clockwise slowly, you will be moving the screw back away from this locking position for your baby earring.
  • Once the screw back is close to the rear end, wait till you have completely moved the screw back through the threads.
  • Do not try pulling out at this stage since that way, you might rupture the soft pierced skin of your baby.

3. Butterfly-shaped earring backs: 

These are also preferred earring latches and are used not only in babies and children but also in adults and teenagers.

These latches resemble the wings of a butterfly. Usually, two such winged structures protect the earring pore at the back, thus, when the post passes through the pore, it is held tightly in place due to the placement of the wings.

If you want to remove the butterfly-shaped earring backs, here’s a simple process of doing it.

There is just one precaution you need to take while you remove your baby’s jewelry with a butterfly back.

Any butterfly back needs to be removed within six weeks from the time they are worn. The pore on the back collects a lot of dirt and can often make its removal difficult.

How to remove the butterfly-shaped earring backs?

Since the post in the butterfly back is smooth, the back can slide easily on the post. If the earring back has come too close to the back of your baby’s ear lobe and is almost touching the outer skin of the lobe, you need to be more careful.

  • Slowly rotate the earring back on the post in an anticlockwise manner to pull it out.
  • Use your left thumb and index finger to hold the front of the earring in place so that the smooth post does not rotate along with the earring back.
  • Pull out the earring back slowly and keep rolling it on the post until it detaches from the post.

If you do not hold the post firmly in position, it will keep rotating with the earring back and you will never be able to move the earring back out of the post. Holding it the way we mentioned above is the best way to remove such butterfly-shaped earrings back.


If you do not want to injure your baby’s soft skin, you must use the above instructions when removing your baby girl’s earrings. More than putting them on, earring backs can cause more injuries while we try to open them.

But, like everything, even opening these earrings can be easy if the techniques mentioned above are followed.

Another tip to keep in mind is that whenever you open the earrings dip them in a case full of talcum powder. As long as the post retains its smoothness, removing the earrings won’t be a difficult task at all.

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