Industrial Piercing Cleaning Steps


It is something the new generation loves a lot. And in order to get it done, most of the time, they go for industrial piercing. But what is the most neglected thing is the Industrial piercing cleaning. 

Style and fashion will always come later, but your health and hygiene come very first. That is why I am writing this article to guide you with cleaning Industrial piercing. 

What Is Industrial Piercing?

Industrial Piercing

Before we head towards the main topic, here is some basic knowledge about industrial piercing. An industrial piercing is also named construction piercing; scaffold piercing is basically any two-hole piercing that is connected with straight pieces of jewelry. 

However, in most cases, industrial piercing refers to the double piercing in the upper cartilage of the ear. 

Industrial Piercing Cleaning: A Step By Step Guide

After knowing the basics about industrial ear piercing, now we will talk about how to clean your industrial piercing. There are typically three methods for cleaning your industrial piercing; here, we will cover all of them for your reference.  

1. Industrial Piercing Cleaning With Antibacterial Soap

Industrial Piercing Cleaning With Antibacterial Soap

This method of cleaning industrial piercings involves three simple steps. Yes, you can clean and keep your industrial piercing hygienically safe just by following these three simple piercing cleaning. 

  • First, you need to run warm water over the piercing. You can do it under the shower or by placing your head under a faucet. Now, for about 30 seconds, run warm water on the piercing areas. It will loosen up any dry skin or crusty areas that might form since your last cleaning. 
  • Take some antibacterial soap and warm water, and lather it with your hands. Using your pinky finger, cover the metal rod with the lather, and after that, twist the piercing around it several times. In order to work the soap behind the road, use your pinky finger on the inside of your ear. Do not forget the area around the industrial piercing holes. Do this for around 3 minutes. 
  • Once you are done cleaning the piercing for 3 minutes with antibacterial soap, rinse the piercing and jewelry with flowing water till the time all soap is gone. Pat the piercing dry using a disposable paper towel.

2. Industrial Piercing Cleaning With A Sea Salt Soak

Industrial Piercing Cleaning With A Sea Salt Soak

If you are thinking about what to clean the industrial piercing with? It is the seal salt. Here is another method of industrial piercing cleaning for your newly pierced ears.

  • Go for a clean, plastic container of one liter. Ensure the container has the ability to withstand the heat of boiling water. Now, add one teaspoon of sea salt water to the container. Fill the container with boiling water. Next, mix them well, then allow the water to cool until it becomes very warm. 
  • Once the boiling water has cooled to a temperature, which is still very warm, place the container with the warm water on a table. Grab a chair and sit on it next to the table. Lean forward and submerge your ear entirely in the water. Keep it merged for a sound 5 minutes duration. 
  • In case you do not want to submerge the ear fully, you can go for industrial piercing cleaning with a cotton makeup pad. First, soak the cotton pad in the water and sea salt solution, and then apply it to your ear for 5 minutes. 
  • After you are done soaking your piercing area in the seal salt solution, it is time to allow it to dry. After the soak, let the piercing area dry completely. Between cleaning, it is advised not to touch the piercing. 

3. Practicing Safe Industrial Piercing Care

 how to clean industrial piercing

When you are looking for ways to maintain hygiene around your piercing areas and how to care for an industrial piercing, only cleaning them from time to time will not be enough. So, you have to put a little more effort into industrial piercing cleaning. 

You need to maintain proper hygiene by following the below mentioned on how to care for industrial piercing tips. Let’s check them out. 

  • Touching your piercing with unclean hands is a strict no-no. So, before cleaning or even touching your piercing, wash your hand properly with soap and hot water. Ensure you are washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds after lathering. Once done, rinse your hands with hot water. 
  • To avoid any kind of infection, it is important to go for industrial piercing at least twice a day only during the industrial piercing healing period. The healing might take as long as one to six months. 
  • Include the cleaning into your daily routine; for example, do it once after breakfast and before going to bed. If you skip cleaning the piercing on a regular basis, it might take longer to heal or can become infected.
  • Always remember that in comparison to standard piercing, industrial piercing always takes longer to heal. Once your piercing is healed, it will no be longer tender to touch. 
  • Take an appointment with your piercer or the doctor in order to be sure that your piercing has healed completely. 
  • In case you find any sign of infection, like red lines, yellow discharge, or redness near your industrial piercing areas, contact your doctor as soon as possible. 
  • In case you find any crustiness around your piercing area, before thinking about plucking it, go visit your doctor.
  • During the healing, avoid soaking your piercing. It will take anywhere from one to six months. So this duration does not soak your piercing while showing, or washing your hair. And also try to avoid swimming. 
  • When your piercing is healing, it is very important to wear clean clothes and sleep on clean bedding. So, regularly change your bedsheet and pillow covers. Along with it changing your clothes every day is also essential. After complete healing, you can then choose the best earrings for your ear. 

Slay With Your Industrial Piercing 

Keeping with fashion does cost a lot sometimes. But when you are willing to slay with your industrial piercing, you just need to keep your industrial piercing clean and maintain proper cartilage piercing hygiene. Taking care of it is really crucial and also industrial piercing cleaning. We hope this article will help you take care of your pierced ear. Do let me know what you think. If you have any other care tips, share them with us. 

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