Forward Helix Piercing

A forward helix piercing is one of the most trendy ear piercings in 2021 that you must try at least once in your life. The style is versatile and suits all gender. 

There are many individuals who go for multiple forward helix piercings because, for them, this fashion is timeless and unique. This style is actually a part of a helix piercing and has the ability to be customized. Now, let’s proceed to learn more about this piercing.

What is a Foward Helix Piercing?

A forward helix piercing is on the outer cartilage of the ear, closest to your face and straight above the tragus, facing forward. This piercing is very common and popular not only in the USA but all over the world. 

We have also seen multiple piercings in this area, and this is just the opposite of backward helix piercing. Besides, you can also consider doing double helix piercing on your outer cartilage if you want to. 

Forward Helix Piercing Pain

Obviously, you come across a fair amount of pain while piercing your cartilage. The newcomers of cartilage piercings can come across more pain than those individuals who have already pierced their ears in the past.

At the same time, when a needle is used for piercing, the pain tolerance of helix piercings can differ from person to person. However, some experts have compared the pain of forward helix piercings with nipples and other body piercings.

Forward Helix Piercing Side Effects

Forward Helix Piercing Side Effects

Are you searching for the side effects of forward helix piercings? If yes, you are at the correct place! The side effects of forward helix piercings are the same as helix piercing side effects

i). Keloid:

As discussed in Helix piercing, Keloids are raised excesses of scar tissue that happen at the site of a skin injury as an over-defense to the physical trauma of a piercing. This includes nothing but scar tissue and can differ in size.

ii). Yellow Green Discharge

Yellow-green discharge is probably pus, and it is very normal for a new piercing to ooze some thick white fluid that might crust around the jewelry. This is also a sign of a natural discharge, but you need to pay attention to your piercing.

iii). Infection

Infections are one of the most common side effects of forward helix piercing. You might notice some swollen parts or redness at the site of your piercing. This is actually the sign of an infection, and if the situation gets worst, you can seek medical help.

Healing Time Of Forward Helix Piercings 

According to many piercers, the healing time of a forward helix piercing is around four to six months. This time can decrease if you pay attention to your piercing and take care of the same properly. To heal it properly, you can wear the best cartilage earrings all the time. 

At the same time, you must follow all the instructions directed by your piercer professional. And if you don’t follow the instructions, you can face some effects. So, be aware!

Cost Of A Forward Helix Piercing

The cost of forward helix piercings can vary to a great extent. If your professional is highly experienced in piercing, then she/he might charge you a good amount. 

Besides, the cost will become double or triple according to the helix earring you choose for your piercing. Also, you may go for single forward helix piercing, double forward helix piercing, or triple forward helix piercing, and here too, the cost will vary. Therefore, you can expect around $90 to $100 for a well-done forward helix.


After getting a forward helix piercing, wash your hands constantly in order to ensure that you are transferring bacteria to the open wound.

Moreover, no need to touch your piercings again and again as you may get some infections and take care of your piercings properly. Use the right jewelry and make sure that you are comfortable sleeping after piercing

You must also stay away from antibiotic ointments as these can cause extra piercing issues. To heal your piercing soon, you can consider twisting your jewelry during healing. 


The popularity of forward helix piercing is increasing day by day, and you can consider this piercing to make your ears more stylish. Therefore, this is all about the forward helix and its pain, side effects, cost, healing time, and aftercare. 

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