how to take off butterfly back earrings

Earrings are available in many designs, all supported by a sound locking system or earrings backs

One of the most common earrings back is the butterfly back earrings.

Many people have this query, ‘how to take off butterfly back earrings?’ this is because a majority of the population using a butterfly back are beginners and kids. 

Butterfly backs are good because they keep earrings in place even after a lot of movement from the outside, which makes them perfect for kids. 

However, butterfly backs are not limited to kids, many adults use them as their prime earring back for their earrings as well. 

And this is because they are cheap and easily available. 

This blog is going to be all about butterfly back earrings. 

We will be talking in-depth about them and answering some of the most googled questions about butterfly back earrings. 

What are butterfly back earrings?

The butterfly back is by far the most widely used earring back. 

Butterfly backs feature two discs curled up against each other to form a mechanism that acts as a spring to pinch the post of the earrings.

Butterfly backs work on friction, after all, they keep the earrings in place by pinching the post.

Due to this, this type of earring back can withstand a lot of external movement without the fear of failure.

This makes this earring backs ideal for kids and adults as well. 

How do butterfly back earrings work? 

The functioning of butterfly back earrings is simple yet effective. 

The post of an earring has notches or treads, this is where the butterfly’s back pinches the post of the earring.

 As butterfly backs work on friction, the curled-up disc pinches the threaded post which secures the earrings in its place. 

Therefore, the whole functioning of a butterfly back earring depends upon the friction of the post, if the post is smooth then the butterfly back earrings will not be as effective. 

Pros and cons of butterfly back earrings

Here are some pros and cons of butterfly back earrings.

Pros of butterfly back earrings

No doubt that butterfly back earrings are amazing. 

Here are some pros of butterfly back earrings. 

  • Affordable

Butterfly back earrings are very affordable.

You can find them at cheap rates online as well as in offline stores. This makes them easily accessible to a wide audience.

  • Easy to use

Butterfly back earrings are very easy to use. 

All you need to do is push the post of earrings into them and you are good to go. It saves a lot of time and keeps your earrings in place as well. 

  • Do their job well

One thing that we can confirm is that butterfly back earrings perform their job very well. All you need to do is find the right size for your earrings and leave the rest.

Cons of butterfly back earrings

Butterfly back earrings are great. However, they have some cons as well. 

  • Risk of allergies and infection

Butterfly back earrings are cheap, therefore, they are made up of non-hypoallergic metals. These earrings back can be a nightmare for people with sensitive ears. 

Therefore, if you have sensitive ears you can avoid the butterfly back earrings. 

  • Size issue

Butterfly backs are known for their performance. However, one has to be very precise with the fit of the backs.

A wrong-fitted butterfly back will not perform well and can even drop out of the post.

  • Not good for new piercings

People with new piercings should avoid earrings with butterfly backs this is because butterfly backs are hard to clean.

Dirty earrings backs can increase the chance of infection, which is not ideal for healing. 

These were some pros and cons of butterfly back earrings.

How to wear butterfly back earrings? 

Now the question which most people ask is ‘how to wear butterfly back earrings?’ at first glance it may seem hard to wear earrings with butterfly backs.

However, once you get used to it, it is a walk in the park. 

Follow the steps given below to wear butterfly back earrings. 

  • Before wearing the butterfly back earrings make sure to clean and disinfect them.
  • Now put on the earring, one at a time.
  • Gently slide the post into the butterfly back till it is locked and feels like it is completely sealed. 
  • Check whether the backs are sliding or not, if they don’t then you are good to go. 
  • Now repeat the same process with another ear. 

And this was how you wear earrings with a butterfly back.

Easy right? 

How to remove butterfly back earrings safely? 

It is important to be patient while removing butterfly back earrings.

Follow the steps given below to remove butterfly back earrings safely. 

  • Hold the post of the earrings. 
  • Now using the other hand loosen the back of the earrings by rotating the butterfly back to the left side. 
  • Continue rotating it till the back comes off. 

So this was how to remove the butterfly back earrings safely. 

How to remove butterfly back earrings that are stuck? 

Butterfly back earrings tend to get stuck, and this is a very common problem.

However, this is nothing serious, with some hacks and tips in mind you will be able to take them off in no time. 

Why do butterfly back earrings get stuck? 

Before giving you the solution let us first discuss why butterfly back earrings get stuck in the first place. 

  • If the butterfly back earrings are new then they may get stuck during the initial wear. However, with time they will become more manageable. 
  • Butterfly back earrings can also get stuck due to the build-up of blood, and dirt. So, make sure to clean your earrings regularly. 
  • The fit also matters, if the thickness of the post is not appropriate for the butterfly back then getting stuck is inevitable. Therefore, choose the back with the correct thickness. 

These were three main reasons why your butterfly back is getting stuck.

Now let’s talk about how to remove the butterfly back earrings if they get stuck.

  • Wobble them

Wobbling the back can help if your butterfly back earrings are stuck.

Slight but continuous wobbling will loosen up all the build-up that is holding the butterfly back from getting off.

  • Use petroleum jelly or oil

If the wobbling doesn’t work alone then add some oil or petroleum jelly to the post.

Butterfly back earrings work on friction and reducing friction to take them off only makes sense. 

  • Hot shower

Yes. warm water can also help in softening the buildup. 

Take a cozy hot shower and clean the earrings with soap and water. This will wash away all the dirt and your earrings will come off easily. 

  • Make a saline solution

Sometimes build-up is so bad that mere lubricants don’t work. 

Here you have to make a saline solution. 

Mix one to two tablespoons of sea salt in a cup of warm water and let it dissolve completely. 

Now with the help of a cotton swab apply that mixture to the post of the earrings. You need to repeat this process at least 3 to 4 times. 

Apply multiple times if you feel right. 

The saline solution will clean up all the build-up and will make the butterfly backs come off easily. 

Can stuck butterfly back earrings cause infection? 

Yes, stuck butterfly back earrings can cause serious infection.

If the earrings are stuck it means that you will hardly get any chance to clean your piercings properly.

Dirty piercing can cause infection and if ignored for a long time then it can turn really ugly. 

Parting words

So that was how you remove earrings with a butterfly back. 

At some time any of the above tips won’t work. Here the best solution will be to go to a piercer and get them removed. 

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