How To Take Off Earrings With A Safety Back? 

As a kid, we all used to have earrings with safety back. 

Safety back earrings are safe options for kids as a safety back earrings do not come off quickly, plus putting them on is easy. 

But one thing that annoys me the most about safety back earrings is that they are hard to take off and even as an adult I used to struggle with this. 

But soon I learned how to take off earrings with safety back they became so much easier to use. 

In this blog, I will tell you how to take off earrings with a safety back.

What is a safety back? 

Safety back or safety back earrings are the type of earrings that have a special locking system called safety back, this locking system features a clutch-type lock with a rounded back.

This locking system is popularly used in kid’s earrings hence they are also called stater earrings.

Due to an efficient locking technique these types of earrings don’t come off easily and one has to purposely and firmly pull the clutch back, this security makes them an ideal choice for kids who are new to earrings.

However, sometimes the earrings with safety backs are hard to deal with, and the clutch seems to be stuck in a place. In situations like this taking off earrings with screw backs can be tricky, but don’t worry cause I got you covered. 

How to remove earrings with a safety back? 

Removing earrings with safety back is very simple.

Follow the steps given below to remove earrings with safety back.

  • First, get a good grip with your thumb and index finger on the post of the earrings.
  • Now firmly pull the back off using other hands.
  • And the safety back will come right off. 

How to remove earrings with a safety back if the back is stuck. 

If your safety back is stuck on the post of the earrings then it can be hard to take them off.

Here are some tips to take earrings off with a safety back if they are stuck.

  • Try wiggling the safety back, the safety back is usually stuck due to some mechanical failure or due to some build-up.
  • Take a dropper and fill it with some sort of lubricant like oil or soap water and put a few drops on the stuck area, avoid getting it all over the earrings or you may find it very hard to grip the earrings. 
  • If nothing works, it is best to stay calm and go to a piercer as he may have the best solution for your problem.

So, this was how to remove earrings with a safety back. 

How to remove starter earrings with butterfly backs

If you want to remove starter earrings with butterfly back, follow the steps below.

  • Firmly hold the post of the earrings.
  • And pull the butterfly back, the back will come right off. 

How do safety back earrings work? 

Safety back earrings are one the most secure type of earrings, and they are especially recommended for kids.

The working of a safety back earring is quite simple, when you slide the post of the earrings into the safety back it locks the post within it with the help of a double grooved patented secure locking mechanism. 

What are plastic backs on earrings for?

The plastic back on the earrings has just one purpose and that is to support heavy earrings.

As heavy earrings tend to droop with time, plastic backs help them to maintain that upright position. 

Parting words

There you go mate, it was all about earrings with safety back.

Removing them is an easy task but the problem starts when they get stuck, I have given you some solutions above, however, at some moment none of them will work out, and then the only option you will be left with will be to go see a professional. 

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