Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in Both Ears?

  • Why do guys wear earrings in both ears?
  • Or, what does it mean when a guy has both ears pierced?

Piercing is a rapidly increasing trend, the majority of people want to get pierced by women as well as men. 

And hence there is a rise in demand for piercing in the market, and why not?

Getting pierced is one of the best ways to upgrade your looks.

Piercing used to be a women’s thing.

However, with the changing time, there’s nothing left like “this is for men” or “this is for women.” Similarly, piercing is highly appreciated by men too. There are even earrings specifically designed for men. 

What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you see a guy with a piercing in both his ears?

Maybe you look at them with astonishment and think, “why do guys wear earrings on both ears?” 

And this one is a legit question, why would guys be interested in wearing something that was originally made for women? 

Well, it turns out that there are plenty of reasons why guys wear earrings on both ears.

So, here we bring you a few reasons behind guys wearing earrings in both ears, as well as the reason behind guys having both ears pierced, and most questions related to gay ear piercing.

Reasons why guys get piercing in both the ears

Reasons why guys get piercing in both the ears

One of the simplest answers in regards to this question is ‘why would they get one ear pierced when they have two?’ Or maybe they want to do it just because they want to. 

The fashion industry is moving towards gender neutrality and guys getting pierced is a part of it. 

It is in fashion and many male celebrities had their ears pierced. 

So why not a guy get his ears pierced? Maybe he is following his celebrity role model, and that is a perfectly legit reason to do so.

Sometimes, there are no specific reasons to answer this but there are a few things that are believed to be authentic for why guys get piercings in both ears. There are different types of earrings that you can try after piercing. 

As we see these days, piercings and tattoos are something that is insanely pursued by a lot of guys. Guys are seen with piercings and earrings in both ears, and some have piercings on the top of one of the ears. 

Somehow, piercing has something to do with our personality and is not just decorating our bodies. So, what is the psychology behind guys getting piercings? Read below to know in detail about the same. 

i) It brings equality and helps in better sperm production

Some of the guys get pierced because they simply want to appreciate it and to make a difference by bringing equality. 

Equality in enjoying something as fashionable as piercing seems to be a legit reason behind guys getting both of their ears pierced.

Other than that, a lot of guys get pierced because it is believed in some communities that piercings help men in better sperm production, so as to maintain reproductive health.

Also in ancient texts metals like gold, silver, etc were linked with health, even the king used to decorate himself with jewelry.

Hence the fact that “jewelry is only for women” was never a thing.

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ii) It represents their sexuality

Other than that, the LQBTQ community has really helped men to uplift their personalities by showing their vulnerable side to the world, in which somehow some men believe that they would be better as a woman. 

So, some of them get pierced to represent their sexuality as well as their sexual orientation.

Getting pierced gives them that confidence that society had been stripping off from them.

And getting pierced for such a noble cause makes piercing not a fashion but a religion.

iii) People with abusive backgrounds are more likely to get pierced

People with disturbing childhood, drug addiction, and unstable relationships are likely to get pierced more than other people.

Now, this does not mean that everyone who got themselves pierced or inked is mentally disturbed.

Piercings and tattoos are also linked to sensation seeking. It is believed that people with abusive backgrounds, mental health illnesses, and suicidal ideation are more likely to get piercings and tattoos.

Some even prefer to pierce their own ear at home without the help of a piercer and this helps them to look better and helps them to get more control over their piercing. 

Hence, just like other things piercing too has its dark and negative side that is generally hidden from the vast majority of people.

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iv) Rejections and protests encourage them to pierce and wear earrings in both ears

Other than that some people pierce for personal reasons, such as rejections, protests, or to follow something which inspires them.

Just like getting a buzz cut after getting out form a toxic relationship feels liberating, the same goes with getting ears pierced.

It gives them a new identity and new look, which they feel confident.

This is the reason why do guys wear earrings on both ears. Cartilage piercings help them to give strength and fight the situation. 

v). Self Beliefs

Men wearing earrings have been followed for a long time ago, and back then there weren’t many assumptions that were made.

Some stone earrings are recommended to enhance the power of their zodiac sign. 

Wearing stone earrings and rings has been a very vital part of spirituality, and men who follow spirituality will be often seen with pierced ears.

But with the changing times, and with changing parameters of sexuality and intentions and desires, there are a lot of reasons for a single simple thing. Even they sometimes called gay in front of everyone. 

vi). It decreases the chance of getting injured

In some communities, it is believed that guys getting one ear pierced decreases the chance of getting injured and diseases. While in some communities guys with piercings are considered transgender. 

The different community has a different take on men getting ears pierced, some appreciate it some are neutral and some do not appreciate it at all.

Hence, this is the reason why guys prefer wearing earrings in both ears. 

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vii). Enhances their look if they wear earrings in both ears

Sometimes, guys get pierced because they work in the fashion world and when piercing goes well with their outfit, it is obviously considered a good match.

Piercing is one of the easiest ways of upgrading your looks and this fact is well known by everyone especially celebrities.

Piercing not only enhances your looks but also gives you confidence and one more thing to match your outfit.

However, some men get pierced because they want to honor a gift or a present. 

Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Johnny  Depp, and Will Smith all have both of their ears pierced. So it gives us a lot of reasons to think but we should let people live the way they want to. 

Role model.

We all try to copy our role models. We want to look like them, walk like them, sound like them, and whatnot.

And if a guy’s role model got pierced then the guy has to get his ears pierced as well. 

It’s the law of nature.

Joke apart.

Getting a fashion role model can affect the way you dress to a great degree, and the accessory game of a model is always on point.

Hence, role models can also be a reason why a guy got both his ears pierced. 


For guys, the journey of piercing starts with just one ear. 

And boom there is no turning back.

Once you got one of your ears pierced, guys try to get the other one pierced as well, just for the sake of balance. 

They get more options to play with, you can go single left ear or right ear or both.

I think you got the point.

Hence, guys get their ears pierced to attain balance.


There can be a lot of reasons why do guys wear earrings on both ears.  But as long as something makes you happy you should continue doing it.

And something really doesn’t need any reason, and piercing is one of them. You don’t have to be a celebrity or have to be mentally disturbed to get yourself pierced.

Having no reason to get pierced is a perfectly valid reason.

Making piercing gender-neutral is one of the best things ever happened to the fashion world. Fashion somewhat needs to be gender-neutral, and if anything is making you feel more confident about yourself, you should definitely do it.

Besides, you must also consider the earrings buying guide to pick the best one for yourself. And if you come across any doubts, you mention them below in the comment section!

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