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So the time has come. Finally, you have decided to get a new piercing! Believe me, getting a first time ear piercing can be a big deal for some individuals and there are many things to consider before getting pierced. Let’s discuss.

At first, you need to understand different types of cartilage piercings and take a look at the same in-depth. Moreover, before getting a piercing, you must be prepared yourself mentally to suffer some pain during the piercing. 

However, the piercing pain differs from person to person. Some experienced individuals who have already undergone piercing in the past may suffer less pain than those who are completely new in this area. 

9 Things To Know Before Getting Pierced

First Time Ear Piercing

Getting your first piercing can be both nerve-wracking and emotional. Before your professional piercer asks you about your preferred piercing, you can choose the best helix piercings that include double, forward, backward, and triple

Now, let’s proceed to know top things before piercing for the first time.

1. Cost

The cost is an important factor to consider before getting pierced. Obviously, the price of the piercing differs from store to store and you need to know the same. 

The thing that costs more is the price of the jewelry used in piercing. The more expensive jewelry you choose, the higher price you need to pay.

2. What Type of Piercing You Want?

Secondly, decide the type of piercing you want. There are various types of piercings that can attract you and then you can consider the pros and cons of that particular piercing simultaneously. 

Besides, one of the most popular piercings that are trending nowadays is Industrial piercing because the standard of this piercing seems to be very high.

3. Location of the Store

Obviously, you cannot go to another country just to get a new piercing. Isn’t it? Determine the nearest location of the piercing store with good reviews and highly satisfied customers.

However, if the location of the piercing store is far away from your home but seems to have good reviews then you must visit that particular store to get a satisfactory piercing.

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4. Is Your Piercer Experienced?

This is one of the most vital factors to consider before getting pierced. Never choose a piercer who has no experience or he/she is just learning to do piercing. 

You must always pick a professional piercer with good years of experience in piercing. You will understand the value of this in the long run.

5. How Do Piercings Work?

Once you visit the room where piercings are done, the piercer will clean your skin and mark a point where the placement will be performed. 

No need to get tense! Your piercer will surely ask you about the best suitable location for your piercing. 

6. Piercing Equipements

Before getting a piercing, you must know what kind of equipment will be used for piercing. Generally, there are two types of equipment used in piercing and these are piercing guns and needles.

A piercing needle is much better and less painful than a piercing gun. At the same time, needles are accurate and cleaner for any piercing. Hence, you must always go for needles over a piercing gun.

7. Piercing Pain

Piercing pain is very common and to get something, you need to sacrifice for the same. However, according to my experiencing, the pain is felt more after the piercing is done.

As I have already discussed above that the piercing pain depends upon the individual and also his/her capacity to undergo pain. 

8. Choose The Right Earrings

You can have a look at our earrings buying guide in order to choose the right earrings. You may experience some pain while sleeping with earrings and even some scratches on your skin. 

Hence, it is vital to choose the right earrings for yourself. You can also take the help of your piercer to pick the best one. 

9. After Care 

The After Care process is vital for your healthy ears. Keep in mind, if you don’t take care of your piercings, you may experience piercing side effects and the chances are you may have to start all over again. 

The healing time of piercings can vary from six to eight months and till then you have to stay alert. 


First-time ear piercings can seem to be very complicated because there may be endless questions rotating around your mind. However, the above-listed nine factors can make your ear piercings task easy if you are getting pierced. 

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