Earrings Styles

Earrings for men are not as common as in women so, it is also become hard to know about the men’s earring styles for earring lovers. You might have several questions in mind which earring will you choose? What should be the size of the earring and will it suit you or not?

If you like to wear earrings then more need to be worried about. In this article, you will know about the trending men’s earrings styles of 2023.

What are Men’s Earrings?

Just like women, earrings are also available for men but compared to women, men’s earrings are usually smaller in size. Men do not wear huge & waving earrings. Men’s earrings are available in different metals and are designed with gemstones.

Do Earrings suit Men?

Well, there are both opinions in equal weightage. This is not a common men’s fashion like the others such as wearing a ring or watch. But, there are lots of crazy guys who make it look bolder with earrings so, we can say that earrings suites to men.

Compared to other men’s pieces of jewelry, this one is proof that you are a bad person. You will see that a shy person will never wear earrings as he thinks that it looks odd.

What is the difference between Men’s and Women’s Earrings?

Women’s earrings are generally bigger while only small earrings suites to men. Guys who do this fashion are familiar with it and choose the right-sized earrings. The big difference is that the women’s earrings are generally more designed with diamonds and other gemstones while the men’s earrings usually do not too much decorate with gemstones.

How to pick the best Earring for Men?

You have to ask yourself which earring style suits you. I will explain all the men’s earring styles in detail so you can easily find a suitable style for you. Your picked earring should make you bold and you have to match it with your personality.

Trending Men Earring Styles

Men’s earring fashion is not too common but it is a fashion of bold persons and is followed especially in European countries. Based on the popularity, below are the most popular earring styles for men.

1. Hoop Earrings

These are the most popular type of earrings for men. Do you like to be looked like pirates? If yes then this earring style is for you. Hoop earrings are hollow circular-shaped earrings that sit flat with your neck instead of waving in the area so, you can consider them comfortable and fashionable.

Men inspired by the pirates usually wear hoop-style earrings. The maximum size of a hoop earring can be equal to your middle finger’s ring and as low as that they touch the lower part of your ear after wearing it.

2. Stud Earrings for Men

Looking for something extra small? Then Men’s diamond stud earrings are the best choice for you. This is the classical and basic style of earrings. Men usually wear stud earrings just after piercing their ear. You can also buy some attractive stud earrings made of 14k gold metal and a diamond on them.

As the stud earring is the basic and classical style so, it is most suitable for the beginner. Anyhow, earring studs are available in different styles and there is no hesitation if you choose this style of earring for a longer time.

3. Flesh Tunnels

This is the next-level earring style. This one is harder and uncommon compared to the other earring styles. It also takes a longer time. You have to be patient and feel discomfort to adopt this style. Another part is to bear the negative words of your surrounding people. As this style looks something different and hard. But, as it is one of the most liked men’s earring styles so, I added it to the list.

To adopt this earring style, you have to stretch out the earlobe over a while with progressively larger gauge, or thickness, earrings. There are several methods to do this but you have to be very careful to avoid any damage or infection.

4. Clip-on Earrings for Men

This earring style is for gentlemen. Clip-on earrings are smaller in size so, can be used even in those workplaces that do not allow pierced ears for men. It is also a good option for temporary earrings. People who want to adopt this fashion for a short time and do not want earrings permanently.

In non-permanent earrings, you have two options. The first one is clip-on earrings and the second is magnet earrings styles. You can go with any of them if you want to wear earrings for the first time or short time.

5. Tapers Earrings

Tapper is a bolder earring fashion and it is hard to adopt just like the flesh tunnel earrings. You have to stretch out your earlobe and make it able for the tappers. Earrings of tappers’ style are available in different shapes such as conical, spirals, circles, and crescents.

Tappers are also available faux tappers if you do not want to stretch your earlobe. Faux tappers look as good as earlobe tappers. But, you have to understand that this style is not as easy as studs, clip-on, magnet, or hoop earrings. You will also feel uncomfortable in the beginning so, keep yourself ready.

The Final Thoughts

From classic to modern, there are many men’s earrings styles available in the local and online market. You have read about the 5 best men’s earring styles so, now it’s up to you which one you choose. Anyhow, you have to choose earrings according to your personality. You have to choose earrings that can make you bold and comfortable.

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