Triple Helix Piercing

Are you interested in triple helix piercings? If yes, we are going to help you with our best research on a safe triple helix piercing! This piercing is now on the rise among women of all age groups. 

By doing this piercing, you are doing a favor to your ears. Besides, triple helix piercing is a type of helix piercing, and this name is given after three consecutive piercings either on the outer cartilage or just above the tragus.

What Is A Triple Helix Piercing?

A triple helix piercing is known after getting three piercings in the same spot. You can get this piercing after a double helix piercing. This piercing is widely popular all over the world, especially in the United States of America.

On the other hand, this piercing will add value to your ears in the long run, and be ready to receive more compliments after meeting with every new individual. To make your ear more attractive, you can try the best helix earrings that will enhance the standard of your ears. 

Different Types Of Triple Helix Piercing

Triple helix piercings are of two types forward triple helix piercing and backward triple helix piercing. This piercing is well-known as a cartilage piercing because it is performed in your cartilage. 

Here, you need to decide which piercing you are interested in, and then you can follow the instructions for the same as described by the piercer.

i). Forward Triple Helix Piercing

Forward Triple Helix Piercing

A forward triple helix piercing is located on the outer cartilage of your ears, just above the tragus and closest to your face. This is the most preferred piercing than backward triple forward piercing.

ii). Backward Triple Helix Piercing

Backward Triple Helix Piercing

A backward helix piercing is located just above the upper lobe of your ears. This piercing is just the opposite of forward triple helix piercing. However, very few people go for this piercing, and the demand is also very low than other piercing types. 

Triple Helix Piercing Pros

There are some benefits of having a tripe helix piercing that you should know before getting this piercing. Here are the pros of a triple helix piercing.

  • Looks amazing 
  • The procedure is quick
  • Less painful according to some individuals
  • Best cartilage earrings available for this piercing

Triple Helix Piercing Cons

There are side effects of these piercings too if you don’t take care of them properly. Aftercare is important for every ear piercing, and there are some possible side effects that you need to consider before getting a triple helix piercing.

  • It takes more time to heal completely
  • Due to three perforations, it hurts more.
  • Infection can occur if the piercing is not taken care of properly.

Pain & Healing Time Of Triple Helix Piercings 

The pain of triple helix piercings is average. You can take it as 7/10 on the pain scale. You can also talk to the experienced piercers regarding the same if you have any queries.

Now, the healing time of triple helix piercing completely depends upon aftercare. If this is your first piercing, then you must wear the best comfortable earrings while sleeping. The more you take care of your piercing, the sooner it is going to heal; otherwise, you will end up doing the piercing again.

Cost Of Triple Helix Piercings 

The triple helix piercings can cost you around $25 to $30, excluding the jewelry cost. This cost can certainly increase if you add jewelry costs with piercing. 

At the same time, the cost can also vary on the experience of the piercer and also the standard of the studio where you want to pierce your own ears.

Triple Helix Piercings Jewelry

Triple Helix Piercings Jewelry

Different types of earrings are available for each piercing, and you can choose any according to your choice and budget. You can also choose the jewelry from your professional piercer who is going to pierce your ears.