Resin Earrings

Have you heard about resin earrings?

One word that can define them is ‘adorable’. They are the best gift that you can give to your loved ones, and it’s way better when you make them with your own hands. 

If you think making resin earrings is hard, then this blog will change that for you.

These adorable earrings are super easy to make plus they are fun and very customizable. 

Want to know more about them and how to make them? 


Hop on! 

What are resin earrings? 

Before telling you how to make resin earrings at home, let’s first understand what resin earrings are.

Resin is a chemical compound, which is made up of two parts part A resin and part B hardener, originally both of them are liquid but when mixed they solidify making a solid resin block. 

The earrings made up of resin are called resin earrings, objects like flowers, beads, glitters, gemstones, etc are solidified within a resin to improve the looks of the earrings.

The hardening process of resin is slow as it can take anywhere between 24 to 72 hours to solidify. 

These types of earrings are one of the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones.

You can make resin earrings for yourself as well. You can solidify anything that can fit into the earrings, things like flowers, gold flakes, beads, and gemstones are some of the best choices. 

However, you can be as much creative as you want.

In the beginning, you may mess up with the design or the ratios but in just a matter of days, you will start making beautiful resin earrings. 

How to make resin earrings at home? 

Now that you know what resin earrings are.

Let’s make them at home.

Easy, inexpensive, and adorable what else do you want? 

But before we jump into the process of making resin earrings at home let me first tell you some things in advance, these are some tips to remember before even starting to make your resin earrings. 

1. Use clean tools 

It is not fun to see stuff like sand and a tine stone in the earrings after it is completely set.

Dirty tools can lead to dirty earrings, so make sure that the mold, tray, or any other tool that you are using is clean. 

2. Have a plan

Make a blueprint in your mind of how your earrings will look. Pre-decide the stuff that you are going to solidify into the resin.

All these things may look small but prevent you from the rush. 

If you are confused then you can take design ideas from Pinterest or Google. 

3. Don’t rush

Don’t rush any step, take things easy.

Rushing will increase the chances of defects and we don’t want a defective earring. 

4. Be creative

Resin is like an empty canvas ready to be painted.

Add whatever you want to the resin, you can add gold flakes, flowers, beads, etc. You can also give color to the resin by adding a few drops of food coloring or any type of color you have. 

So these are something that you need to keep in mind before starting to make resin earrings.

Now let us jump into the process of making resin earrings. 

Things needed to make resin earrings at home

Here are some things that you will be needing to make resin earrings at home.

Keep all of them nicely arranged in a place so that you don’t have to look for them when needed. 

  • Resin and hardener (resin part A and part B)
  • Safety gear like an apron, glasses, latex gloves, mask, and drop cloth. 
  • Clean spatula and plastic spoons. 
  • Molding cases or you can use rings as molds as well. 
  • Decorative items of your choice. 
  • Measuring cup. 
  • A thin pointed object like a pin or toothpick. 


One thing to remember before you start is that resin is a toxic substance, hence, wearing safety gear is a must.

Choose resin that has a thinner consistency as it will prevent air bubbles from appearing in your earrings. 

The procedure of making resin earrings at home

The procedure of making resin earrings is simple but you need to follow all the steps carefully.

Step 1

gather all the equipment you need. Make sure they are clean and nicely arranged on your table. 

Step 2

Select your mold and decoratives. If you want assistance in design then you can take ideas from Google.

Step 3

Mix your resin and hardener solution.

Take your time in this process as you don’t want air bubbles to form in the earrings. 

The ratio of the mixture will be given on the label of the resin bottle. 

Step 4

Now pour the resin mixture’s first layer into the mold.

The reason why this mixture is poured in layers is that it prevents the formation of air bubbles, therefore, pouring multiple thin layers is the way to go. 

The first layer acts as an adhesive layer for your decoratives so, add your decoratives above the first layer. 

Step 5

Now add your decorative items to the first layer.

Don’t use your fingers to adjust the position of the decorative items, rather use a sharp object like a pin. 

Step 6

Now you have to wait for a few hours before adding your second layer.

The first layer doesn’t need to be rock-hard before adding the second layer. 

However, it should have been solidified to some extent. 

Continue to add layer after layer, for resin earrings 3 to 4 layers are good enough. 

Step 7

Now let the whole thing set, the setting of your resin will be mentioned on its packing, make sure to stick to the instructions mentioned on the packaging. 

Step 8

Now carefully remove the molds and add the back of the earring. 

You can add a post for the stud or a hook or anything that pleases you. 

And there you go.

Your resin earrings are all set to be worn.

You may mess up the earrings at times but don’t let it demotivate you, try again next time, and with practice, you will be a master in no time. 

What resin do you use for earrings? 

The best resin for making resin earrings is epoxy resin because it forms a crystal clear surface and is easy to measure and use. 

Resin epoxy gives out a good finish plus it is easy to handle, which makes it a good choice for beginners.

Other options like polyester resin and UV resins are also available but epoxy resin is the best for making resin earrings. 

How long does it take to make resin earrings? 

The hardening time of resin earrings depends upon the brand of resin that you are using and also upon the thickness of the earrings. 

Generally, the hardening time ranges between 24 hours to 72 hours.

But you can make multiple resin earrings at a time therefore you can make 10 pairs of earrings at a time and all of them will be ready in 24 to 72 hours.

The whole process of making resin earrings can take 30 to 75 hours, this includes 24 to 72 hours of hardening time plus 1 to 2 hours of the making process. 

Is it expensive to make resin jewelry? 

If you think that making resin jewelry is expensive then you may be wrong.

Resin earrings are inexpensive to make and last very long.

You neither need fancy equipment nor precious metals to make resin jewelry. Although if you want to add precious metals to your resin jewelry then you are free to do so. 

Is it safe to wear resin jewelry? 

Resin when in liquid form is extremely toxic, it releases fumes and prolongs exposure to it without any safety equipment can lead to health complications.

But once it has solidified it stops releasing those fumes and becomes completely safe to wear.

So yes resin jewelry is completely safe to wear and can be worn by pregnant women and young children as well. 

Parting words

And that it is.

You are all set to make your resin earrings. 

The good thing about resin earrings is that you can customize them however you want, after all, you are the one making them.

You can attach any locking system, can give the resin any color of your choice, and can get as creative as you can.

This makes them a fun activity to do. 

Be as creative as you can because then only you will come to know what works and what don’t.

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