which side do straight guys wear earrings on

Initially piercing and earrings were something that only females could get. Any sort of jewelry was reserved for women in general. 

However, times changed and so does fashion. One thing that is similar between time and fashion is that they both change. 

Soon men started wearing jewelry as well, but to our surprise, men wearing jewelry like earrings is not something new. 

If we look back into the pages of history we will find out that emperors used to wear jewelry as well, and they were not limited to just earrings but rings, necklaces, bracelets, and much more.

But when the modern era adopted the culture of men piercing it was viewed as something only a gay would do. 

But hold up, is there something like gay ear piercing and straight ear piercing? 

Does one need to change the piercing side just to prove their sexuality? 

We will discuss all this in detail in this blog. 

Can guys get piercings? 

This question is just like asking, can guys eat food? 

Yes, of course, guys can get piercing. 

Initially piercing was connected with the sexuality of a man. Get your right ear pierced if you are gay, and get your left ear pierced if you are straight. 

This was the ‘norm’ that used to prevail in society.

However, this is far from the truth, your ear piercing does not define your sexuality. You are free to choose which ear you will be getting pierced.

So to answer the question, can guys get piercings? 

Yes, guys can get their ears pierced and you should get your ear pierced.  

It is one of the simplest ways to add drip to your style plus it also makes you stand apart. 

Which ear is considered a gay ear? 

The answer to this question depends on the country you live in. For instance in Uk and USA, the left ear is considered a gay ear and this makes the right ear for straight people. 

However, these norms are long forgotten. Since hip-hop artists, fashion influencers, and celebrities who are straight got their left ear pierced this concept vanished into thin air. 

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about anymore it now depends upon your comfort level and your taste. 

If you are straight and decide to get your left ear pierced then great go for it, you won’t be considered gay. 

Yes, some people still connect sexuality with the choice of the ear you decide to get pierced but you don’t have to care about them. 

Why do guys wear earrings in their left ear? 

Guys can wear earrings on whichever ear they want.

The concept of guys wearings earrings can be dated back to the time of kings and emperors, the king used to adore jewelry including bangles and necklaces just as much as the queen did and no it was not connected to sexuality.

The concept of connecting the choice of jewelry worn by men to their sexuality is plain nonsense. 

From the start of mankind, jewelry was considered to have healing properties and it was something people (including men) used to wear to keep them healthy and look good at the same time. 

Yes, jewelry was supposed to keep you healthy! 

It was believed that gold has cooling properties and keeps skin problems at bay and silver was considered to be good due to its property to fight diseases. 

Therefore, jewelry in general was connected to everything good it is only now that jewelry has been reserved for women. 

Do straight guys wear earrings? 

Yes, straight guys can wear earrings.

Earrings are one of the basic accessories that a guy can wear. It sure takes some effort to match your earrings with your outfit but it is all worth it. 

Parting words

And this was it. 

This was all you need to know about which side should guys wear earrings on.

In essence, it doesn’t matter. If you feel confident you can choose whichever side you want you can even get both of your ears pierced if you like, it depends upon you. 

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