When Can I Change My Cartilage Piercing?

One of the most trendy piercing options is cartilage piercing and I am sure you have heard a lot about it. 

And if you are here, chances are either you got one or you are willing to get one.

If you still doubt whether to get a cartilage piercing or not, then worry not and go for it.

It is trendy and very flexible, you can style your piercing in many ways.

Now that you have made up your mind about getting a cartilage piercing, you may be excited to replace the piercing with something new and trendy, and I can understand the excitement.

But hold up! 

Taking things fast can mess up the piercing! 

And I am sure that you don’t want that. 

So, when can you change your cartilage piercing

In this blog, we will talk in-depth about cartilage piercing, its healing time, and aftercare as well. 

What is cartilage piercing? 

Cartilage is present in the upper part of the ear, the piercing that is done on the upper part of the ear is called cartilage piercing. 

Cartilage piercing looks very stylish and is very trendy. 

However, one must keep in mind that cartilage piercing takes longer to heal and is a bit more painful than lobe piercing. 

Also, cartilage piercing requires more care than normal piercing. 

When can I change my cartilage piercing?

Now that you got a cartilage piercing, you must be excited to change it to a trendy earring.

But hold on, cartilage piercing takes longer to heal and one must not change or take off their cartilage piercing till it is completely healed.

It takes 4 to 6 months for cartilage piercing to heal completely.

However, the time may vary depending on person to person here are some signs that show that your cartilage piercing is healed.

  • No more discharge for more than a week.
  • No bleeding.
  • The piercing can move freely and painlessly. 
  • No pain.
  • No redness. 
  • The outer and the inner piercing hole is healed and joined inwards. 
  • No crust forming. 

Why does cartilage piercing take longer to heal? 

One question that clients frequently ask, is why does cartilage piercing take longer to heal? 

After all, it is the same ear and ear lobe piercing heal faster than cartilage piercing. 

The answer is really simple, the healing process is faster at the earlobes because there is an adequate supply of blood whereas cartilage doesn’t have enough blood supply and this is the reason it takes longer to heal. 

Cartilage Piercing Aftercare 

A good aftercare routine is very important. 

It ensures that your piercing remains healthy and free from infection, plus it accelerates the healing process. 

Making a good aftercare routine is easy and effective.

Here is what you have to do.

  • Take some saline solution in a bowl.
  • Dip a cotton pad in the solution and apply it gently around the piercing.
  • Clean off all the build-up but be gentle.

Do this twice a day and you will keep the infections at the bay plus it will accelerate the healing. 

Is a hoop or stud better for cartilage piercing? 

At first, glance getting a cartilage piercing by a hoop or by a stud may not seem different but there is a slight difference between both.

It is easier to heal piercing on a straight post than on a curved post, this makes studs a better option to get pierced. 

How do I know if my cartilage piercing is healed? 

It takes 6 to 8 months for a cartilage piercing to heal completely. 

If you want to know whether your piercing is healed completely or not, you have to look for these factors. 

  • The discharge should stop completely.
  • You must not feel any pain in the piercing.
  • Bleeding and redness will cease. 
  • Your piercing will become free to move. 

Should I twist my cartilage piercing? 

No, you should not twist your cartilage piercing until it is fully healed.

However, if you feel a need to twist it while cleaning then you can do so but make sure not to do it frequently.

Twisting your cartilage piercing frequently will increase the healing time and can develop complications as well. 

How can I make my cartilage piercing heal faster? 

You can’t speed up the healing process but you certainly can aid the healing process and as a result, your body will heal efficiently.

Here are some healthy habits that you can follow to heal aid the healing of your cartilage piercing. 

  • Don’t play with your piercing until it is completely healed.
  • Try to sleep straight, not on the sides so that your piercing doesn’t rub against your pillow.
  • Don’t take off piercings until they are healed. 
  • Clean them daily with a saline solution. 
  • In case you got an infection it is best to go see a doctor. 
  • Don’t touch your piercing with dirty hands. 

How long after a helix piercing can I swim? 

It is recommended not to go for a swim until your piercing is completely healed, the chemicals present in a swimming pool can irritate the piercing and can lead to infection.

Hence, it is best to stay away from swimming pools until your piercing is completely healed. 

Parting Words

So this was all you need to know about cartilage piercing.

You must get a cartilage piercing and that too from an experienced piercer.  

Just keep in mind the tips given above and you will be good to go. 

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