Can you get piercings while pregnant?

Can you get piercings while pregnant? What are the precautions a woman needs to take while pregnant? Can you get your tongue pierced while pregnant? Let’s discuss these queries in detail.

Piercing is a way of making a hole in your body part where a piece of jewelry or any object can be attached to your body part to look attractive and feel decorated. The reason behind piercing can vary with one’s individual concern for look and expression and whereas for someone it may be a mandatory part because of their religious beliefs and aesthetic values.

First time piercing on your body part is normal. Many feel safe and secure while piercing for a spiritual purpose though there are cases too where many peoples suffer from diseases like bleedings, infections, nerve damage, damage occurring in the tooth, etc. 

It depends upon one’s body system but it is obvious that getting piercing while pregnant is harmful to both the mother and the newborn. Normally, pregnancy comes with a lot of restrictions in it which makes pregnant women aware of certain activities that they don’t need to perform while pregnant which might cause harmful effects on them. 

Doctors advise pregnant women to avoid fruit like Pineapple to eat, not to bend down, not to eat oily kinds of stuff, and perform yogas and exercises regularly. Pregnant piercing is one of them. 

Can you get a piercing while pregnant?

Yes, you may get pierced during pregnancy but it is strictly recommended for the pregnant not to get pierced. Even the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) is usually advised not to get pierces during pregnancy at the early and later stages of the first three months of pregnancy so as to avoid any mishappenings to take place. 

During pregnancy, the pregnant women’s body structure usually changes and gets enlarged day by day which enables the delay in the healing process for the new piercing and makes that part of the body harder, and clears the path for infection to occur easily. 

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Is it safe to get a piercing while pregnant?

No, it is not at all safe to get a piercing while pregnant. There are various types of piercings such as helix piercing, double helix piercing, forward helix piercing, triple helix piercing, industrial piercing, etc., a pregnant woman can choose. As we all know piercing is painful and the pain and its negative effects depend upon every individual’s body. 

The pain and the negative effect are more severe for pregnant women. When women get pregnant then their body’s immune system becomes weak which thus exposes them to get infections easily. Their body can’t control the pain of a new piercing. Piercing while pregnant can also cause serious injuries to health and can lead to miscarriage too. 

 Sometimes, it may lead to the following problems:

  1. Exposes to infection
  2. Loss of excess blood
  3. Makes the healing process longer
  4. Abscess 
  5. Can cause hepatitis

Can you get your tongue pierced while pregnant?

Can you get your tongue pierced while pregnant?

Every piercing carries a strong risk of getting an infection within it. It is always recommended to pregnant women not to get pierced any body parts during their pregnancy to avoid this risk of infection.

While tongue piercing, the mouth is usually filled with bacteria that might lead to swelling and infection which ultimately makes it difficult to breathe. This condition can also cause heart damage and bleeding.

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Even if knowingly all the demerits of getting a piercing during pregnancy, if a pregnant woman still wants to get a new piercing then she needs to maintain safety and hygiene while doing this. She needs to be enough careful about doing this only with a professional piercer and keeping in mind that the needle should be sterilized.


New piercing over a body part of normal people isn’t a topic of concern or much to boast about but over pregnant women is it. Pregnant women need to be cared for if they want to do this. They shouldn’t do this during their pregnancy and if they do then they should be aware of the negative impacts of the piercing. Piercing isn’t bad for people but it is for pregnant women till their due date.

Relatively, ear piercing is safe compared to other body parts piercing during pregnancy. Even infants or newborns are seen practicing ear piercing at an early age.

Usually, the ear side parts are fleshy and soft which gives not much pain in piercing. So a pregnant woman can have their ear pierced with maintaining safety. And there are various types of earrings a pregnant woman can choose from. 

Note: You must seek professionals or experts if you are willing to pierce your ears during pregnancy. At the same time, you must take all the safety measures to avoid infections.

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