How To Remove Flat Back Earrings?

Flat-back earrings can be hard to remove especially if you had a piercing recently.

But don’t worry there is always a way to do things simply and not use a huge jackhammer to remove the flat back earrings.

Jokes apart.

  • Because of the dead skin and oil build-up on the post of the earrings.
  • Your skin gets tighter because of mucus or dried blood. 

Today, I will share with you three very efficient ways of removing flat back earrings at home. 

How to remove flat back earrings?

Here are three ways to remove flat back earrings.

One method is for people whose earrings are not stuck but don’t know how to remove them.

And the other two methods are for people whose flat back earrings are stuck. 

Method 1: How to remove flat back earrings for beginners?

Removing flat back earrings is very simple.

  • Hold the body of the earring tightly with your fingers and rotate the flat back anti-clockwise to open the earring.
  • This will separate the flat back from the post and the earring will come out with ease. 
  • If the flat back doesn’t rotate then follow method 2.

Method 2: How to remove flat back earrings when the flat back is stuck?

If the flat back of the earring refuses to rotate and the chances are that either there is some wear and tear on the threads of the post or there is some build-up. 

  • Here what you can do is lube the post of the earrings with some petroleum jelly or vaseline and put some on your earlobe too.
  • Now try rotating the flat back and it will come out swiftly. 

Method 3: How to remove flat back earrings when the post is stuck in the piercing?

For this you will be needing some rubbing alcohol, trust me it works like magic.

If the post is stuck in the piercing it means that some dirt, dried blood, and some more things had blocked the piercing.

  • Take a cotton swab or cotton ball and dip it in some rubbing alcohol.
  • Now gently pat the cotton ball on the ear lobe, especially on the piercing.
  • What this will do is, it will unclog the piercing. 
  • Now let it dry for a few minutes and now carefully pull out the earring. 

Things To Remember:

Here are some things that you need to remember.

  •  If you have an infection then do not try any of these methods. The best thing would be to see a doctor and act according to his guidance.
  • Always clean and disinfect your hands before removing the earrings to prevent infection.
  • In case you are using some tools like tweezers or pliers, make sure to disinfect them too.
  • Always clean your earrings after a couple of uses.

Parting Words

So this was how to remove flat back earrings.

If the earrings are stuck real bad, then you should take the matter to the doctor as he will be the best one to help you out. 

Also, do not pull the earrings out by force, either use some vaseline or rubbing alcohol, it will help you a lot. 

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