Why Do Earrings Smell?

Earrings are the most fashionable accessory for a woman.

Our outfit is not complete without a matching pair of earrings, right? But sometimes our earrings do tend to smell.

Is that the case with you? Do your earrings smell as well? Do your earrings smell like cheese?

Don’t be mad because most of the time smelly earrings are not even your fault. Now you look confused.

How can smelly earrings not be my fault?

Why do my earrings smell? 

How to get rid of this smell? 

These must be the questions popping into your mind.

Don’t worry, I got your back. In this blog, I will answer all your queries related to smelly earrings.

What causes earrings to smell/why do my earrings smell like cheese?

As I said most of the time selly earring is not even your fault.

Then whose fault is it? 

Let me explain. 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body that secretes oils and when that oil comes in contact with the dead skin, dust and not to mention bacteria, it causes a build-up, it is generally this thick textured plague called build-up that causes that cheese smell. 

Usually, this build-up is washed away from other parts of our body while bathing but the back of the earring is covered with the locking system which prevents this build-up from being washed. 

And over time, this build-up continues to build and starts generating that foul smell. 

This problem is common for people with fresh piercings because it becomes the perfect place for bacteria to build up and produce that smell. 

People with old piercings can also face this issue when they have not taken off their earrings for quite a time 

Do bad-smelling earrings cause infection? 

Initially, it will just be a build-up.

However if not cleaned it can cause serious infections in the ear pus.

Given below are some signs of infections.

  • Pus builds up
  • Swelling 
  • Redness
  • Itching or burning sensation in the pierced area. 

Given below are some methods to prevent smelly earrings. 

Methods to prevent the smell from earrings

Here are some methods to prevent the smell from your earrings. 

Method 1: Take out your earrings (only for old piercings) 

If you have an old piercing then follow this method, people with fresh or new piercings can skip this one and move on to the second method. 

It is not ideal to wear earrings for a long period of time, you must take them off when not needed. 

Like when at home, while sleeping, etc.

This will allow air to flow from your piercing and will also be cleaned properly while bathing. 

Method 2: Clean your ears

This is a very obvious method but I don’t know why people always overlook it. 

For people with new piercings get a mixture of sea salt and warm water and dip a cotton ball in it. 

Now gently tap the soaked cotton ball on your pierced hole while occasionally turning the earring. 

Clean off any build-up and continue to clean till your piercings are clean. 

If you have an old piercing you can either use a mixture of sea salt and water or normal soap water will just work fine. 

Also, don’t forget to pat dry the pierced hole with a clean cloth. 

Method 3: Clean your jewelry

The last method is to clean your jewelry.

Most of the time some dirt, oil other infections causing particles can build up in the post of the earrings, which can lead to induction and obviously the smell. 

Hence it is important to clean the earrings from time to time. 

 You can use hydrogen peroxide and alcohol to clean your earrings or if you don’t have access to their soap and water can work just fine. 

Remember not to overdo the cleaning of the jewelry, or you will damage the jewelry. Once or twice a week of cleaning is enough. 

How to prevent the smell of earrings from reoccurring? 

There will always build you can not stop that and you can not also stop your jewelry from getting dirty. Hence, there is no once and for all cure for this problem you have to timely take care of the job.

Here are some things you can do to stop the smell from recurring

  • Take your earrings off

Take them off when they are not needed.

Don’t wear them at home, while sleeping. 

  • Don’t wear earrings while working out

While working out you produce the maximum amount of sweat which can lead to buildup. 

Hence, try not to wear earrings while working out. 

  • Take them off while bathing

If you can do the single best thing for your piercing it will be to take them off while bathing. Your pierced hole will be cleaned automatically and with just one swipe of lather and your ears will be clean. 

  • Clean your earrings regularly

Remember to clean your earrings regularly. 

Once or twice a week will be good. 

Why does it smell behind my earrings?

The smell behind your earrings is due to an accumulation of dust, sweat, oil, dead skin, etc. 

All of this when left unwashed can cause a smell behind the earrings.

To avoid it clean your earrings and pierced holes regularly or the build-up can lead to infection. 

What is the gunk on my earrings?

The gunk is nothing but a build-up.

It is very common but cleaning it is very important or it can lead to infection. 

How often should you clean your earrings? 

The frequency of cleaning your earrings depends upon the use, if you use your earrings once or twice a week then you can clean them twice a month.

However, if you have earrings for daily use then cleaning them twice a week would be ideal. 

The rule of thumb is to smell the earrings and look for build-up. If there is any bad smell or build-up then it needs to be cleaned. 

Parting words

So, this is all about smelly earrings.

It is a common problem and it is nothing to be worried about. 

Regular cleaning will help you to keep the smell as well as the infection at bay. 

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