When Can I Change My Conch Piercing? 

Conch piercing is becoming popular daily, and if you are here then the chances are that you got one or are willing to get one. 


You did something different and it will surely work out for you. 

But if you are new to a conch piercing then it may seem intimidating at first. 

And questions like “what is a conch piercing?” “When can I change my conch piercing?” can pop into your mind.

This blog will solve all your query about conch piercing and give you a guideline that you can use. 

What is conch piercing? 

The middle part of the ear is known as the conch because the cartilage in the middle of the ear resembles a conch shell, and piercing done at the conch of the ear is known as the conch piercing.

Conch piercing is not just aesthetic in Instagram photos but also looks gorgeous in real life. 

Out of all piercings out there, conch piercing is one of the most customizable forms of piercing, you can experiment a lot with this kind of piercing but the piercing will also depend upon the shape and size of your conch. 

The conch piercing looks stunning and stylish, plus we have hardly heard anyone saying that they hate their conch piercing. 

Is conch piercing painful? 

The idea of getting your conch pierced may seem painful after all, you will be piercing a thick block of cartilage.

However, the reality is the opposite and is on our side. 

Yes, conch piercing hurts but not so much that one should completely avoid it, on a scale of 1 to 10 we can rate the pain of conch piercing a 7, the number may go lower or higher depending upon the pain tolerance of the individual. 

Also many people after getting a conch piercing claim that it hurt similar to the lobe piercing, which means that you will experience almost the same pain but it is worth it. 

Cost of conch piercing

The cost of cinch piercing is higher than the normal lobe piercing.

The cost of conch piercing also depends upon the place from where you are getting pierced. 

However, an estimate of $30-55 can be expected for getting your conch pierced, this doesn’t include the cost of jewelry. 

Types of conch piercing

Depending upon the placement of the earring, the conch piercing is broadly classified into two types, inner conch, and outer conch plus some variations. 

1. Inner conch piercing

Piercing done on the inner part of the conch is called inner conch piercing.

It is styled with a pretty stud, it looks incredible but takes longer to heal. 

2. Outer conch piercing

One of the most common conch piercings is done on the outer conch i.e on the outer edge of the ear. 

The location of this piercing may vary according to the client’s requirement, it can be done on the upper or lower outer conch. 

3. Double conch

As the name suggests, a double conch piercing has two piercings at the conch, which adds extra aesthetics to the piercing.

It is recommended to pre-decide the position of both the earring. 

Are conch piercing safe? 

Yes, conch piercing is safe. It may pain slightly more than normal piercing and has more healing time than normal piercing but it is completely safe to get a conch piercing. 

When can I change my conch piercing? 

We can understand the rush of swapping your piercing jewelry with something adorable but listen to this first.

You have to give your conch piercing at least 6 months before you can change your conch piercing.

Yes, it may seem like a long time but trust me they will heal perfectly and will also avoid future complications.

The 6 months of wait is worth it because if you will try to rush the process it will lead to a longer healing time and can even damage the piercing plus who wants to get their conch infected and irritated? 

How long does it take for a conch piercing to heal? 

Couch piercing done with the help of a needle takes 6 to 9 months to heal whereas if you got your conch piercing with a dermal gun then it can take up to one year to heal. 

This healing time is approximate and can vary a bit from person to person. 

 During the healing period, It is advised to not play around with the conch piercing and to clean them regularly

How do I know when my conch piercing is healed? 

There are some signs that you can take a notice of if you want to know whether your conch piercing is healed or not. 

  • Almost 6 months are completed after piercing. 
  • When the discharge is completely stopped. However, the discharge will cease and come again in periods so it shouldn’t be the only matric. 
  • The inside and outside edges of the piercing holes are smooth and pulled inwards. 
  • The movement of jewelry is free and painless. 


Now that you have seen that it takes 6 months to a year for a couch piercing to heal but good aftercare can help the piercing to heal faster plus following a great aftercare routine you can ensure that complications like infections remain at bay. 

Before we reveal the best aftercare for a conch piercing there are some things that you should keep in mind. 

  • Don’t use soap on the piercing as it can the skin and irritate. 
  • Avoid getting any contact with soap or shampoo.
  • Never touch your piercings with dirty hands. 
  • Don’t rush the healing process. 
  • Don’t rotate, wiggle, or give your earrings any kind of movement. 
  • Don’t take them off till the piercing is completely healed. 

Best way to clean conch piercing

The way to clean a conch piercing is either by cleaning it with a saline solution or with a mixture of non-iodized sea salt (⅛ to ¼ teaspoon) and one cup of distilled water. 

As for frequency, it is recommended to give your conch piercing a sea salt bath every day, also make sure not to rotate your earrings during cleaning.

Make sure that your hands are clean and wipe off the piercing with a clean towel. 

What to do if my conch piercing gets infected? 

Mild irritation, bleeding, itching, and discomfort are natural and are part of the healing process.

However, if you feel some severe symptoms like too much redness, extreme bleeding, infection, etc then you should immediately see your piercer, as he is the best one to provide you with a remedy. 

Can I put a hoop in my conch piercing? 

Putting hoops in conch piercing is a great way to upgrade its looks.

If you are thinking to put a hoop in conch piercing then definitely go for it, it looks very stylish. 

Can I wear AirPods with a conch piercing? 

During the healing process, you shouldn’t use AirPods or any in-ear earphones. 

As they may contain bacteria that can infect your piercing, plus in-ear earphones will give movement to the conch piercing which will not only retard healing but also lead to bleeding and irritation. 

You can use over-the-ear headphones that too for little time. 

Parting words

This was all about conch piercing.

They are a very stylish form of piercing and are an upgrade to normal piercing, however, it is to be noted that conch piercing requires extra care and healing if you can deal with that then it will work just fine for you. 

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