How To Disinfect Earrings? 

how to disinfect earrings

Our earrings are one the most used accessories, and because of that, they can build up some dirt and smell.  This dirt and smell can lead to infection and painful ears. Also, disinfecting and cleaning earrings restores the look of the earrings and makes them look just as new.  But one needs to know how … Read more

How To Take Off Butterfly Back Earrings?

how to take off butterfly back earrings

Earrings are available in many designs, all supported by a sound locking system or earrings backs.  One of the most common earrings back is the butterfly back earrings. Many people have this query, ‘how to take off butterfly back earrings?’ this is because a majority of the population using a butterfly back are beginners and … Read more

Can You Use Saline Solution for Piercing?

Can You Use Saline Solution for Piercing?

Got a new piercing? Great!  I know the excitement of replacing it with something new and adorable but hold on and don’t rush the healing time as it can create complications. Talking about healing time and complications the number one factor that increases the chance of infections and increases healing time is improper cleaning of … Read more